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Building and Decorating

Building and Decorating

Some older properties will only need decorating to create your perfect home, but others will need extensive redecorating and even re-plastering.  Many  older homes are wallpapered, which you will probably want to remove and this can mean re-plastering or using lining paper to bring the walls back to the point where you can even begin painting them.

Re-plastering one room can cost anything from £150-£400, so if the majority of walls need taking care of this can add thousands to your costs.

Similarly, floor fashions have changed dramatically over the years, with most people now preferring clear, crisp colours. Replacing and updating means another big purchase.



Filling in a fireplace

New build homes are built with warmth and cosiness in mind – at Barratt our homes can be as much as 55% more energy efficient than an upgraded Victorian home. A common extra cost in an older property is filling in a fireplace – if it is unsealed then your heat will simply rush out through the chimney, leaving an icy chill in your sitting room.

Bricking up a fireplace and capping it off properly can cost as much as £500, not to mention the cost of the new gas or electric fire you replace it with.

Replacing the boiler

If your newly purchased older home needs a new boiler this can cost well over a thousand, and many older properties have ancient, inefficient boilers that will need replacing. The most efficient boilers can be as much as £1,800, which can be a real shock for first-time buyers who have just emptied their accounts in order to buy the property.

New homes mean brand new boilers, so you won’t need to replace it for years and you can enjoy the savings on your heating bill.



DIY disasters

With a pre-owned home, it can be hard to know what improvements have been made by a competent tradesperson and what the seller simply did on his or her own. Did they have a go at their own wiring? Build the conservatory themselves? There can be unexpected expenses ahead as you discover what’s been botched.

With a new home, however, you know that only competent tradespeople and builders have worked on the property – and that there is ample opportunity to raise any issues that do arise and have them put right straight away. That gives Barratt homebuyers real peace of mind.

The price of modernising

You might think you can live with that avocado bath or chipped dark wood kitchen, but eventually you will want to replace rooms that are that dated. That’s something that is going to cost a sizable amount, depending on what you want.

With a new home, you can either buy a finished home with stylish, modern fittings, or you can choose to customise your property while it is still being built so there is simply nothing to do on your first night except put the wine in the fridge and run a bath.


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