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You could face higher water bills

Modern homes come with water meters that actually show how much water you use, meaning you’re only billed for that amount. That also means you can keep bills low by installing efficient appliances and taking care not to waste water.

However, some semi-detached and terraced homes built before the 50s can’t have these smarter meters fitted because the water inlet is joined to the houses on either side. That means the water company will estimate how much you’re using and bill you accordingly, which will be pretty annoying if you’re careful not to waste any. 



They’re more expensive to heat

New homes are constructed to strict environmental standards and also benefit from some major developments in efficiency. As a result they are typically 45-55% more energy efficient than older homes, meaning they are much cheaper to run and heat in the winter.

Yes, some older properties can be upgraded but that’s an extra cost. What’s more, not all older homes are suitable for fittings like cavity wall insulation.

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