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Structural Issues

Structural Issues

Greater risk of subsidence and flooding

New homes have been carefully scoped to make sure the land they are being constructed on is suitable. That means a much lower risk of subsidence and flooding, or at least a risk that can be quantified by the builder.

However, an older property will need to be checked for subsidence issues and could be a flood risk; it will be hard for the buyer to find out without careful research.



Replacing windows and repairing roofs

Everything in a new Barratt home is built to last and we include an additional ten-year structural warranty and a 2-year fixtures and fittings warranty.

An older home has no such buyer protection in place. Some may have wooden window frames that can rot and lose heat, meaning they will need replacing. Others may not even have double glazing throughout, adding a chilly breeze to those winter mornings.

One of the biggest costs a buyer faces is if the roof needs work, thanks to age or because it’s been battered by a bout of extreme weather. Leave that undone at your peril; if it’s not fixed it can lead to damp inside your house.

Electricity meters might need replacing

This isn’t so much a cost but it is an annoying inconvenience. Old meters can contain asbestos, meaning some energy providers refuse to replace them. If yours does then you’ll need to contact the electricity supplier for your region and arrange for a standard meter to be fitted, only to then ask your preferred provider to replace it with their own. That’s going to mean quite a few days off work waiting for the engineer to show up.



Greater risk of damp

Older homes can often be more susceptible to damp and condensation in the walls, especially if they were built before central heating was widely installed. The materials used in construction, poor drainage, roof damage – all these things can lead to a damp or condensation problem. Sellers may simply paint over the damage so they can sell the property fast and that means that the new buyer has to pay to fix it.

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