The City That Never Sleeps

With more cities opening 24-hour restaurants, supermarkets, take-aways and gyms than ever before, the night-time economy is extending far beyond just bars and clubs.

In the cities that never sleep, if a pang of hunger strikes or a late-night urge to hit the weights arises, not only is it possible to find somewhere that’s open all hours, but you’ll often be spoilt for choices of where to go. But where will you find the most options?

Is one city better for late night casino-lovers than another? Or what if you need to find an open-all-hours supermarket?

1370 total 24 hour businesses in the UK Newport in Wales has the most 24/7 businesses per 100000 people Glasgow has the most open-all-hours restaurants Manchester is home to the most all-nighter takeaways

Explore the maps below to find out which UK cities are home to the most 24-hour businesses…

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Green represents highest amount and red represents lowest amount

Known for its student culture, Manchester was revealed as having the most all-nighter takeaways and fast food counters, whilst Glasgow ranked highest for restaurants. Birmingham, Leeds and Stoke-on-Trent come out on top for the most 24-hour petrol stations, whilst London is home to the most casinos, supermarkets and gyms that are open all hours.

City Size Population Casino Supermarket Restaurant Fast food / take-away Gym Petrol Station Total Per 10 km2 Per 100k people

The entire data set can be downloaded below.

As you’d expect the UK’s largest cities, led by London, make up the top 10 for having the most 24-hour businesses. London has 100 with Leeds and Birmingham in joint second place with 59 each. Manchester and Glasgow finish the top five with 58 and 57 respectively.

However, when we look at the numbers in relation to the size of the area, splitting the total number of businesses per 10km2, it paints a very different picture; Salford, Bangor and Wells in Somerset come out on top with 19, 14 and 11 individual businesses respectively.

Analysing things through a different lens, Newport in south-east Wales comes out top when looking at the number of businesses per 100,000 people living in the area. Salford and Wells remained in the top three rankings.

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