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What can I do with a survey?

The buying of a home is an expensive purchase and you may be tempted to wonder if you could get away without carrying out a survey. When buying an existing property, it could have been suffering from a lack of maintenance or have other existing issues that have been ignored, so a survey arms you with the information you need to make an informed choice and bargain with a seller if need be.

If you have commissioned a survey that reveals an issue with the property – for example, a damp problem or an issue with the roof – then you can use that finding as a powerful tool for negotiating a lower price. After all, if it will cost £10,000 to repair the roof then it should be a straightforward case to ask for £10,000 off the agreed price.

However, not all sellers will be willing to negotiate and you may prefer not to buy a property that will immediately require extensive work. If that is the case then the survey will allow you to pull out of the purchase before it costs you even more money.