No-sew burlap Christmas Stocking

For the less experienced craft makers, this no-sew stocking from Danielle Steele is really easy to make and looks great! You can customise it for any size you like, and see a step-by-step tutorial in the video.

Crocheted mini Christmas Stockings

Whether you’re after a traditional stocking, or you’re after some DIY Christmas tree decorations, these mini crocheted stockings from Bella Coco will do the job. This is a decoration that will be a lot easier if you’ve done a bit of crocheting before, but if not you can follow along with the tutorial.

Quilted Christmas Stocking

For a classic look and a premium feel, try this quilted stocking design from Made to Sew. It’s a little more time consuming than the others but the end result is worth the effort. Download the free template from their site and watch the video for full instructions.