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What slows things down?

The time it takes to buy a property will be affected by how smooth the process is. So, if your mortgage application hits a snag or you aren’t speedy with the paperwork then it will all be much more drawn out.


However, a key thing that affects the speed at which you can go from making an offer to picking up the keys is the chain you’re involved in. When you buy a property from a homeowner who is in situ then you can only complete and move in once they have moved out. They are also reliant on the next person getting out of the house they are moving to, and so on and so on.

Someone else’s delay further up the chain could have a direct impact on when you get to move and that can be fairly frustrating when you’re ready for your new home.


Of course, there is one way to speed things up and avoid the delays of a lengthy chain. And that is: