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Buy a newly built home


One of the benefits of buying a new home is that the whole process can be a great deal shorter often with specialists to help you along the way. Because there’s no upward chain slowing things down, you can move as quickly as it takes you to complete the paperwork, provided your chosen home is built.


If you’re a first-time buyer then buying a new build means avoiding a chain entirely and these can be some of the quickest sales to negotiate. If it’s not your first purchase and you are moving from your own home, then you will only have to worry about your buyer’s chain, which means you halve the number of potential delays and issues. What’s more, you can even choose the décor and interior design while you wait for the mortgage to go through – which helps it all feel faster.


Buying a new build means there’s no risk the seller will suddenly change their minds or accept a higher offer because as soon as you pay your reservation fee the property will be taken off the market straight away.  . On top of that, with a newly built property there’s no risk that a sudden issue with the house is going to derail your purchase either. The surveys won’t show a long-ignored damp problem in the roof or issues with wiring because everything is brand new and guaranteed.


We use recommended mortgage brokers and conveyancing solicitors who are experts in the process, will do most of the paperwork and chasing for you and often have existing relationships with and are used to working closely with new build developers.


Ultimately, whether you are buying a new build or an existing property, it’s important to be realistic and accept that these sales do take time. However, making use of effective, efficient professionals – from the solicitor to the sales adviser or estate agent – will help speed up the process.