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Putting up a shelf

Man Putting Up Wooden Shelf At Home Using Electric Cordless Drill

You’ll need: an ac voltage, studs and metal detector, safety goggles, a spirit level, a pencil, a hammer drill and wall plugs (for masonry walls) or a drill driver (for internal stud walls), screwdriver, a shelf, shelving brackets and screws.

Step 1 – Hold the shelf against the wall where you would like it to go and mark underneath using your pencil. It’s very important that you use your spirit level to check that your markings are level or you’ll end up with a sloping shelf. If the detector picks up any wires or pipes you’ll need to choose somewhere else. 

Step 2 – Decide where the brackets and their holes need to go and mark their position. Put on your safety goggles and then drill the bracket holes. Fix the brackets into place using the screwdriver and screws.

Step 3 – Place the shelf into position temporarily so you can mark where the fixing screws need to go. Take off the shelf and drill the small holes required. Fix the shelf into position, tighten the screws and voilà, job done!