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Buying your first home can be an exciting experience. We all dream of finding our ideal home from the outset, but in reality we may have to prioritise certain components of our ideal homes over others. To do so, we have to decide what the most important part of a home is for us.

Location and house size are key

87% of people surveyed stated that the location is the most important factor to them when buying a new home. House size also proved important for those looking to buy their first home; 77% of people surveyed stated that house size influenced their buying decision. And for almost a third (32%), a large garden was seen as a key factor.

We also found that first time buyers are spending up to £12,000 more than they’d intended, due to either underestimating the initial cost or deciding to spend more when buying a home for the first time.

The need to compromise

First time buyers are realistic when buying their first home, with 77% choosing to compromise on things they initially thought were important to them. People are willing to prioritise certain aspects over others as a way of getting on the property ladder faster.

Despite being highlighted as key factors for choosing a home, location, house size and gardens are the areas where most buyers compromise when buying their home. 1 in 6 end up going for a smaller property with one less bedroom, whilst 28% compromise on their location.

77% of people stated that house size influenced their decision

77% of people stated that house size influenced their decision 

32% were influenced by a bigger garden

32% were influenced by a bigger garden