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There’s no requirement for renovation

We work longer hours than ever and few of us are willing to spend our evenings painting, stripping wallpaper and renovating a 'doer-upper'. DIY is also expensive and whilst you could add the cost of building work to your mortgage it is likely to incur extra fees and take up even more of your time. If done incorrectly, you can also end up incurring significant expense to rectify problems. In fact, in Britain we spend an average of £3200 rectifying botched DIY jobs, with an additional £4000 to complete the job in the first place. Even if you get the professionals in, there is no guarantee the work will be done to the required standard either.

With a new build home, you don’t just get a blank canvas. If you pick a plot before it is completed you can work with our experienced team to choose your own fixtures, finishes and appliances. And if you just want to enjoy a modern home with clean lines and colours then we have properties ready to simply buy and move in. No stripping and no hard work is required. 

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