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There doesn’t have to be a chain

Selling your starter home

No housing chain!

There may well be a pressing reason for you wanting to sell your existing home. Maybe you have children now and need more space, or perhaps you need to move for work.

Whatever the reason, once you decide to move you;ll probably want to move as quickly as possible. However, you can get caught in a chain of sellers and buyers, where the decision of a homebuyer three steps removed from you can mean your purchase falls through at the last minute. In fact, one in three purchase chains in the UK fall apart.

With a chain you’re dependent on your buyer to keep to their promised timetable. It’s stressful, time consuming and can be emotionally draining. You’re also at the risk of being 'gazumped' if another purchaser swoops in with a higher offer once yours has already been accepted.

However, with a new build you’re no longer at the mercy of the person you’re buying from. Instead you’re dealing with a professional sales team who understand the complexities of moving.

If you’re a new buyer, then the whole house-buying process is a leap into the unknown. That’s why buying from someone with experience in selling rather than relying on a fragile chain can make for a much smoother sales process.