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Christmas Cooking In Your New Kitchen

The colours of your interior design choices do more than just look nice. Colours are hugely powerful and can completely change the atmosphere of a room.

Style it out

Every new build comes with a kitchen but how you fill it, enhance it and furnish it are of your own choosing. The sooner you reserve your plot, the more options you’ll have when it comes to planning your kitchen. Have you thought about what kind of kitchen style you want? Whether you want to use this space socially or independently, to indulge in your love of cooking, there’s lots of options you can choose from to make it feel like home. With Barratt Homes, you can choose features from splashbacks and worktops to specialised appliances, giving you a kitchen that’s practical and stylish.

With design in mind

One of the perks of buying a new home with Barratt is that we let design lead the way, avoiding any awkward nooks and crannies around the house, and giving your space a natural flow that’s easy to live in. This also allows you to personalise spaces that are perfect for you and your lifestyle; enabling you to have social spaces for friends and family to enjoy, as well as cosier areas, if you so wish.

Pulling off a real Christmas cracker of a feast

Now, on the surface, the thought of preparing Christmas dinner for your family or friends may seem daunting – but it doesn’t have to be. With some easy tips and tricks to master the main event, you’ll still be able to take part in the festivities with your guests. We have three top tips to help get you started.

  • Timing – probably the most important element of them all when mastering a Christmas dinner, the first thing to note is giving yourself enough time to get everything done. No family sits down at midday to eat Christmas dinner, so push it back a few hours and give yourself time to relax. The turkey takes the longest and once in will take care of itself, it’s the trimmings that require some extra attention. To be really organised, write a list of all the different elements you have to cook, perhaps even get yourself a multi-timer that can stay with you while you’re away from the kitchen.

  • Preparation is key – whether you get up slightly earlier or spend some time in the days leading up to Christmas day to get ahead, food prep is vital in helping your day run that little bit smoother. For example, you could cut your vegetables so they’re ready to go, knock together a homemade stuffing or even rustle up some delicious puddings that can be on standby in the fridge. Anything you can do ahead of the big day to create, rather than lose time on Christmas day itself frees up more time for family or maybe a quiet glass of fizz. Prepare, cook and freeze, or identify groups of tasks you can complete together. Also, be sure to always clean down before the next elements of cooking, to reduce any clutter and potential stress in your kitchen.

  • Keep it simple – unless you’re Jamie Oliver, don’t be too lavish with the culinary dishes you create, keep it simple and make some homemade family favourites that everyone will love. Perhaps branch out on a few signature dishes to put your own spin on it. There’s also the cleaning up once you’re done, so make sure you don’t use every pot and pan in sight but instead be smart about your utensil choices. For example, using a vegetable steamer is a hassle-free way to take care of your veg, and it requires minimal effort and cleaning afterwards.

Now that you’ve got the inside scoop, we hope you’re feeling a little more prepared for cooking your first of many Christmas dinners in your new build kitchen.

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