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Completing the Property Information Form (PIF)

Everyone who wishes to purchase a property through the Help to Buy Equity Loan scheme will be required to complete a Property Information Form (PIF).

The PIF provides the Help to Buy agent with all the information relating to the property you wish to purchase through the Help to Buy Equity Loan scheme. The PIF is available from either the new home developer you’re purchasing the property from or through your local Help to Buy Agent.

Once you have completed your PIF this must be submitted to the Help to Buy Agent for your area.

help to buy scheme

Why does it need to go to the Help to Buy Agent?

Help to Buy agents are there to help guide you through the buying process, from beginning to end.

They’ll explain the options available to you and the affordability criteria.

They are the ones that have the authority to give the go-ahead for you to purchase a home through the Help to Buy Equity Loan scheme, as well as making several other key decisions throughout the process.

Without their approval of your application, you will be unable to utilise the scheme to purchase your property.

What else needs to be submitted as part of the application?

If you are applying for the scheme, you will need to have already reserved a property.

As well as submitting a PIF as part of the application, you’ll also need to provide the reservation form for the property.

What information does the PIF require?

When completing the PIF you will need to provide the following information:

Applicant details

  • Full names, addresses, contact details

Property Details

  • Provider
  • Site name
  • Address
  • Plot number
  • House type
  • Build completion date
  • Purchase completion date
  • House type 

Third Party Details

  • Provider’s conveyancer’s details, applicant’s conveyancer’s details, Independent Financial Adviser details

Purchase Details

  • Full Purchase Price, Buyer’s mortgage amount, mortgage term, applicant’s cash contribution

Financial Details

  • Amount requested through the Equity Loan; details of income, debts, additional monthly income

Personal Details

  • Date of Birth of any applicants, number of people expected to live in the property

This guide was produced in collaboration with L&C Mortgages, the UK’s largest fee free mortgage broker and adviser.

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