Complaints procedure

Is our attention to detail up to standard?

Our commitment to you

We aim to do our best to provide a quality service, in a polite, efficient and fair way but we know that sometimes things can go wrong.

When this happens we would like you to let us know, then we can try to put matters right, and if necessary, review our processes and learn from our mistakes. We take all complaints about our service very seriously and we will endeavour to deal with your complaint promptly.

To ensure that we have all the facts necessary to investigate your complaint we have a step by step procedure for you to follow. Following this procedure will enable us to expedite your complaint to a mutually satisfactory resolution.

When to complain

  • If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of our service
  • If we have failed to follow our own policies or procedures
  • If we have failed to carry out a repair within a reasonable timeframe
  • If you believe we have discriminated against you
  • If you have had a problem with one of our employees

Follow our 3 stage complaints procedure 

The most effective way of resolving a problem is to give the employee involved the opportunity to discuss your dissatisfaction with you informally. Before you decide whether to make a formal complaint we therefore ask you to try to resolve the matter by contacting your Property Manager.

Stage 1

If your problem is about your Property Manager and you are unable to discuss the matter with him/her or if you are unhappy with the way the matter was dealt with by your Property Manager you should put your complaint in writing and send it to:

Operations Director
Barratt Residential Asset Management
Wallis House
Great West Road

We will acknowledge receipt of your letter, email or fax within 3 working days. A full investigation will be conducted and you will receive a written reply within 15 working days. All complaints are tracked to ensure that we adhere to this procedure.

Complaints are often complex and if you are not entirely happy with our response you should follow Stage 2 of the procedure.

Stage 2 

If you feel you have not received a reasonable response to your complaint under Stage 1, you can write for the attention of the Managing Director of Barratt Residential Asset Management within 21 working days of the receipt of the response to Stage 1. The Managing Director or a nominee in consultation with the Managing Director will conduct a separate review of your complaint and respond to you in writing within 14 working days to inform you of the decision. Your complaint and the way it has been handled will be considered. Please address your letter to:

Managing Director
Barratt Residential Asset Management
Wallis House
Great West Road
Brentford TW8 9BS

If you are still dissatisfied you may find that mediation is the appropriate next stage. 

Stage 3

We always try to fully resolve concerns ourselves, and we achieve this for the majority of complaints we receive. However, if you are still not satisfied after the last stage of the in-house complaint procedure (or more than 8 weeks has elapsed since the complaint was first made) you can request an independent review from The Property Ombudsman without charge.

The Property Ombudsmen is an independent body, who deal with property-related complaints for many different organisations in the UK. The timescale for complaints is typically 12 months. Their contact details are:

The Property Ombudsman Limited
Milford House
43 - 55 Milford Street
Telephone: 01722 333306

Independent advice

LEASE (The Leasehold Advisory Service) offers FREE advice on the law affecting residential leasehold in England and Wales. It is totally independent and is funded by Government.

Telephone: 020 7383 9800 (England)

What this procedure does not cover

  • Everyday matters such as reporting or chasing a repair
  • Accounts queries
  • Complaints by one resident about another (unless the lease allows)
  • Defects in your apartment – sometimes there will be problems in your apartment that can only be resolved by the construction team e.g. shrinkage cracks, unless the defect is caused by a problem within the communal areas which we have responsibility for managing.

These above matters should be directed to:

Customer Services
Barratt Residential Asset Management
Wallis House
Great West Road
Brentford TW8 9BS

Please note

  • It may be tempting to withhold payment of your service charges. We ask that you do not take this approach as it often makes a difficult situation worse. Non-payment may also be subject to interest and additional charges.
  • We are happy to receive a complaint from someone who is representing you.
  • If you are a tenant renting accommodation you need to refer your complaint to your flat landlord in the first instance.
  • This process may not cover all complaints and we reserve the right to change the process and responsibilities depending on circumstances.