Frequenty Asked Questions

Who is responsible for refuse disposal?

Residents are responsible for the removal of all their personal rubbish to the refuse stores. Refuse should be properly contained and placed in the specific bins provided. Please try to avoid leaks and spills in the communal areas as these will need to be rectified which may result in increased service charges. Recycling bins are provided and please note the specific collection bins. If the recycling bins are cross-contaminated, the local authority will not remove the waste and BRAM will need to arrange a contractor to remove the waste at additional cost to the service charge. Similarly any large items such as furniture or packaging that is not flattened and placed into bins will not be removed by the local authority and could incur additional charges payable by the residents.

What about car parking?

Residents will generally benefit from an allocated parking space. This space will have been assigned to you by the Sales team (if you have purchased you property from new) and will be shown in your transfer or lease documents. There maybe few or no visitors’ spaces available on a development – please check with BRAM if you are unsure. Please do not bring more vehicles onto the development than you are entitled to park.

Do I need building insurance?

Whilst all residents are advised to insure the contents of their property with an appropriate policy, the service charge does include the provision of building insurance. The building insurance policy covers the structural elements of the building and covers the usual perils including water and fire damage. The policy also provides £15 million public liability for the common areas of the development.

The building policy is subject to an excess of £250 for all claims including storm, flood and water damage on each and every claim made. The excess for subsidence is £2500*
A copy of the buildings insurance certificate is available from BRAM on request. If you need to make a claim please call our customer service team on 0208 326 7234 or email

*Correct as at January 2014.

Why have I received an invoice when I pay by standing order?

All invoices for service charge and ground rent are due on specified dates in line with the lease or transfer. Whilst the account can be settled monthly we will always send an invoice in order to comply with our statutory obligations.

What is the procedure for changing the correspondence address?

Please let us know in writing where you would like us to send your correspondence if you do not live at the property. Email us at
Note: We do not charge a fee for sublet consent.

What is the procedure for changing the account holders name on your database?

The name of account holder should always be the registered owner(s) of the property. If the registered owners have changed then please send us a copy of the marriage certificate or deed poll certificate and we will then update our records. If the registered owner is a company then please forward a certificate of name change.

Email us at

There is a leak into my apartment from the property above – what do I do?

BRAM are not responsible for repairs within individual properties however we are responsible for ensuring all owners fulfil their obligation to keep their property in good repair at all times. In the event of a leak try to speak to the resident above as they are often simple to remedy such as a washing machine connection or the waterproofing around a bath or shower tray. If the leak is major and likely to cause structural damage, please call our office on 0208 326 7234. If calling outside the hours of 9.30am to 5.30pm please call 0843 658 5014. In all cases please be sure to have your full address ready so your property can be identified quickly. If the leak is coming from the roof or any external part of the building we will arrange repairs as quickly as possible providing the weather conditions are safe for one of our contractors to attend. Any damage to your property as result of a leak will be covered by the building insurance policy subject to you paying the excess.

I have no electricity in my apartment – what should I do?

The first thing to do is check the electrical distribution box within your property to see if any of the trip switches are in the off position. If they are, return to the on position and check the situation. If there appears to be no problem at the distribution board, try to establish if the communal lights in the corridor or grounds are working. If they are not, it could be a power failure on the network. If the problem persists you should seek professional assistance from a qualified electrician.

I have noisy/nuisance neighbours – what can I do?

Peaceful occupation is one of the principle rights of all residents. Most leases contain covenants (rules) requiring the owner to be responsible for the conduct of all people occupying the property, particularly in regard to noise during unsociable hours. The lease will also allow for the covenants to be enforced by another property owner, the landlord or manager. BRAM will be happy to assist in these circumstances.

Any complaints of this nature should initially be made in writing to BRAM and be supported by documented evidence. The matter should also be reported to the noise officer at your local environmental Health Department for their advice and assistance. Any property owner who continues to cause nuisance or fails to adhere to the covenants within the lease may ultimately be subjected to forfeiture proceedings, which if approved by a court, can lead to the repossession of the property.