Privacy Policy

Barratt Residential Asset Management

We are part of the Barratt Developments PLC Group and our policy for dealing with your personal data or information can be found at

In this Privacy Notice we use terms which are defined within either the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) or the Data Protection Act and you should refer to these for the definition of the various terms used. 

We are the designated management company/managing agent for certain developments and our obligations are set out within the lease by which you own your property.

Under the terms of GDPR we are permitted to use, process or share your Personal Information where this is necessary for us to perform our obligations to you under the terms of the lease, to provide you with services and to enable you to perform your obligations under the terms of your lease to pay the appropriate service charge for those services and also to pay the ground rent applicable to your property. 

In this notice these are known as the “permitted purposes” and this notice provides you with information concerning those, the parties with whom this information will be shared and the period during which this information may be shared with them. 

Under the terms of the GDPR if this information is not required to be retained for one of these permitted purposes by any of the parties then where that party is part of the Barratt Developments group your Personal Information will be retained only for a reasonable period and then disposed of. Unless we need your Personal Information you may request the deletion or removal of your Personal Information from our records. It is important to note however that where that information is required for a permitted purpose it cannot be deleted from us or the party who requires it for that permitted purpose.

The permitted purposes and the parties to whom your Personal Information is provided are as follows:

  1. The owner of either the freehold to your development or your lessor under the terms of your lease being the party to whom you are obligated to pay the ground rent on your property, for the purposes of such payment.
  2. Ourselves, BRAM, for the purposes of collecting the ground rent where we do this, and for the purposes of collecting the service charge which is due from you.  Also to enable us to contact you in relation to the services which we are obligated to provide under the terms of the lease together with other services which we may provide from time to time for the convenience of you and other property owners on the development.
  3. The party entitled to the ground rent may change from time to time, though you will always be notified of any such change. We will provide the new lessor with your contact information to enable them to inform you of this change and for them to thereafter collect the ground rent which is due. They may appoint an agent to act on their behalf in which case the agent will also be provided with your Personal Information necessary for this permitted purpose. Where we are not collecting any ground rent on behalf of the lessor and this is collected either by the lessor direct or by their agent, we will satisfy ourselves that prior to providing them with any of your Personal Information they have in place reasonable safeguards to keep your Personal Information secure. However you should refer to the terms of their respective privacy policies for details of exactly how they will retain and secure your Personal Information and the rights that you may have in relation to it. 
  4. Where it is necessary to enable us to provide the services set out in the lease or other services which we provide to you and other owners or occupiers of properties on the development we share certain items of your Personal Information with third parties involved in that permitted purpose. We are responsible for taking steps to ensure they have in place secure and effective systems for maintaining security of your Personal Information and for these permitted purposes you should refer to our Privacy Policy to understand how your Personal Information will be dealt with and your rights over it. You may opt out of certain of these additional services though we would encourage you to take advantage of them. In the event you do not wish to enjoy these services then we will arrange for the deletion of your Personal Information to the extent that any was provided to the third parties involved.
  5. To enable us, or third parties, to collect payments from you or to make payments to you where these may be due in connection and for a permitted purpose, you may be asked to provide certain financial details to us such as your bank account. We confirm that such details will only be used for the purposes of collection or payment of monies due from and to you under the terms of the lease or for any other permitted purpose and any such information shall be kept securely in accordance with our Privacy Policy and Data Protection Policy from time to time.

Under the GDPR you have rights to be provided with the Personal Information which is being used or processed by us or by third parties for whom we are responsible in order to satisfy yourself that it is being processed fairly and in accordance with your rights under the GDPR. In addition if you are not satisfied you may either raise this matter in accordance with our own internal complaints procedure which can be found at or by contacting or via our designated Data Protection Manager at You also have the right to raise any complaint or concern with the Information Commissioners Office (who may be contacted at this email address

Please do not hesitate to contact either us or our designated Data Protection Manager in the event that you have any queries or concerns in relation to any of the above.