A day in the life of the concierge


Talking us through his typical day as the concierge for Barratt London’s Enderby Wharf development, Keshi Skirgaila tells us what it takes to manage this Greenwich property hot-spot.

What does a typical day look like for you?

I get to work by bus, which doesn’t take very long because I live nearby, and I start work at 8am, finishing at 8pm. I spend the first part of my day completing a handover with my colleague who manages the night shift, as we are open 24 hours a day. There are always lots of tasks to be completed and enquiries to handle from our residents’ or their guests when they arrive. Logging all of the deliveries is quite a task, our residents' are big online shoppers - sometimes I think we have more parcels than the sorting office!

What is your favourite part of the job?

I enjoy interacting with people, people from all kinds of backgrounds and of different ages. Whether a young family, professional couple or perhaps senior stakeholders within Barratt London – Enderby Wharf is currently occupied by 600 residents so I can speak with hundreds of people each day.

What are some of your job ‘highlights’ so far?

Once one of the dog sitters took a resident’s dog to a grooming appointment. When she brought it back, I called its name and it just stood there. She did not realise anything was wrong until I said “I don’t think that’s the right dog.” That was quite amusing!

My favourite time was when three residents each had a baby within the same three-month period. A slightly more stressful occasion was when a resident went to work and realised she had left her oven on, she rang me in a panic, but all was fine we sorted it out for her and no damage was done.

What kind of skills do you need to be effective in your role?

The key skills are communication-based – being patient and having an understanding of others’ needs, listening to residents’, but also being personable and building good relationships. You need to gain peoples trust. It is also important to pay attention. When there is a lack of attention, little problems can become big problems.  

What advice would you give to somebody about to become a concierge?

This job is all about observing and absorbing everything around you. First, get to know the building that you work in and know where everything is. Then, always remember that it is all about the resident so be patient and listen. You are there to look after your residents’, so you must provide them with the best service possible. Lastly, I’d say smile and be happy. When people give you good feedback, it only makes you smile even more!

Enderby Wharf boasts a variety of amenities in addition to the 24-hour concierge, including a private fitness suite with a resident personal trainer and tranquil gardens to unwind in after a busy day. Why not stop by the concierge when you’re next near Greenwich? Keshi would love to meet you and arrange a personal tour of the development.