Building magazine revisits Barratt London’s young talent

The September issue of Building magazine introduced 14 new recruits, including Barratt London’s Fergus Ellis. Three months later, they ask them how they’re getting on.

Trade journal Building introduced the industry to its latest intake of construction professionals in September. Last week they met with the same recruits to find out how they’re progressing, and if their latest experience has met their expectations of working in the industry.

Barratt London’s own Fergus Ellis, Development Assistant in the Land and Development department, was one of the first to be interviewed again. Fergus spoke candidly about his experience, three months on: "There is a huge focus on innovation, which I didn’t expect when I joined. [The most enjoyable part of my job has been] working on a scheme from the very beginning, learning how to design a concept and seeing it develop and mould into a tangible product that’s part of the London landscape.”

Building magazine will be keeping a keen eye on the progress of these young professionals, in an effort to discover their views and experiences of their chosen industry, and determine whether technical training is doing enough to prepare them for the reality of the industry. 

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