Local students enjoy Riverside Ecology Day


Fulham Riverside hosted an ecology day to connect local residents with the on-site ecology. 

In partnership with the Hammersmith and Fulham Urban Studies Centre (HFUSC), Barratt London’s Fulham Riverside development held a ‘Riverside Ecology Day’ yesterday. The event was funded by the British Ecological Society, who strive to “generate, communicate and promote ecological knowledge and solutions”.

The event was hosted on the jetty at Fulham Riverside and had a fantastic turnout. This was the second event the HFUSC has held at Fulham Riverside, previously running a local heritage walk to educate school children on the wider Fulham Riverside area. The HFUSC is a voluntary organisation, educating children and young people about all aspects of the local urban environment, with a goal to help them understand how change impacts different groups of people and the importance of sustainability.

The jetty at Fulham Riverside has been transformed into “an environmental haven for wildlife on the River Thames” says HFSUC. “With a green and brown roof and proximity to the river, foreshore and local parks, there are many habitats to explore with opportunities to discover the river wildlife”.

The event highlighted the ecology nearby and expert knowledge was on hand from entomologist, Alice Laughton, avid birder, Kevin Bittan, and horticulturalist Cath Knight. The event gave local residents the chance to visit the new jetty and explore the ecology though crafts, workshops and bug hunts.

The HFUSC will be hosting more family friendly events at Fulham Riverside in spring 2016.