6 housewarming party tips

Apr 19, 2018
6 housewarming party tips
So, you’ve moved in. Congratulations! You saved for your deposit, secured a mortgage, kept your fingers crossed through the completion process and you finally have the keys in your hand. Now it’s time to show your friends and family what all your hard work went towards. You may be in your dream home, or it might need a few final touches to be everything you hoped it would be, but a housewarming party is on the cards. Here are a few pieces of advice to make it the best it can be:

1. Get some assistance

Before the party, you’ll need to get your home ready for everyone’s arrival. Rather than do everything yourself, you could invite your closest friends or family members over for a pre-party. You could prepare everything over a drink or two – whether that’s moving furniture or putting up decorations as a team. By doing this you’ll reduce preparation time and also give your nearest and dearest a preview of your new home.

2. Keep your home looking good

You’ve no doubt spent so much time moving in, unpacking and getting things just right, and you won’t want an epic clean the day after the party as well. If you’re planning your housewarming and the forecast is good, you could move the party outside into the garden or onto a balcony or terrace, depending on what your home is like.

3. Invite the neighbours

Pop a note through their doors or introduce yourselves in person. You’re going to need to get along with your neighbours, so what better way to start than inviting them into your home? Also, if the party gets a bit loud later on there’ll be no one to complain as they’ll be there too.

4. Less is more

There’s no need to go overboard with a theme and too many party decorations. Remember, all your friends and family are coming to visit your new home and they’ll want to see it in all its glory, without any unnecessary and unnatural décor.

5. Limit any tour time

Everyone will be there to see your new space. Tours are always going to be essential, but with people arriving at different times you could spend your whole night giving the tour and saying the same things. A great idea is to print out some directions and stick them around your home for self-guided tours.

6. Reveal the location

They’ve never been before so you’ll need to tell people exactly where they need to go. An invitation is a must. While it’s easy to simply set up a Facebook group or send the address details out by WhatsApp, it’s more fun to create some bespoke invitations. Something in the style of an estate agent’s brochure would work really well for a housewarming party. Most importantly, have fun. Show your new home off – you worked hard enough to get it!