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Advice for choosing the right off-plan property

Feb 16, 2018
Advice for choosing the right off-plan property
When it comes to purchasing a new build home off plan, you ideally want to get in early so that you can take your pick from the plots available. Most developers advertise developments before they’re finished. Therefore, you will need a vision for your future home, so that you can envisage what the plot will look like once it’s finished.

Don’t rush

You need to find the right property in the right location. If you’re not familiar with the area, do as much research as you can. Are there good transport links, schools and parks nearby? Property prices might have quadrupled in London over the last decade, but how have property prices fared in the specific area you’re looking to buy in?
Internet research can be helpful, as can asking others for their opinion, but nothing beats spending time in a location. Devoting time to exploring, whether that’s on weekends or during evenings on weekdays, can pay off as you should be able to gauge whether the location is right, or if you need to keep searching.

What are the benefits of being first?

If you commit to a property before it’s built you’ll be given more opportunities to put your mark on it before moving in, if design options are available. There might be the option to choose what kitchen you want, as well as the units, worktops, flooring, finish, colour scheme and built-in appliances you like. Likewise, in your living area you might be able to select options for the flooring and lighting.

Explore a similar site

Studying plans and brochures might be one way of building a picture in your mind of what your new home will be like but it often isn’t the best way. To get a grasp of whether the property’s specifications and dimensions will meet your requirements, you could visit a similar site by the same homebuilder that is nearing completion.
Being able to walk around a show home, especially if it’s the same style as the one you are hoping to buy, will help you visualise what your new London home could look like on completion. It may make you rethink certain things, such as how important having a good view from your balcony is, or if you need parking for two cars or if will one space be adequate. This should make choosing the right plot much easier, once you return to your chosen development.