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Your home warranty

Does the two-year warranty cover lost keys?

No. All new homeowners are provided with a set of keys to their new home upon legal completion. We cannot accept any responsibility for lost keys after legal completion.

Does my warranty cover out-of-hours emergencies?

If you are still within your two-year warranty period you are entitled to out of hours emergency support, for further details visit our warranty page.

Is my central heating system covered under my warranty?

To get the best out of your central heating system, make sure you carefully read the manufacturer’s operating instructions. Both your boiler and cylinder must be serviced annually to ensure that the two-year warranty remains valid. You will be required to provide evidence of the service should we need to attend to a fault.

Is storm damage covered by my warranty?

Any cost, loss or damage resulting from storm-force (or more severe) weather is not covered. You are advised to make contact with your insurers.

Does the warranty with my home cover everything?

Please refer to the NHBC website for more information.

How can I find out more about the NHBC Buildmark warranty?

Full details of the NHBC Buildmark policy can be found here.

How can I find out more about my two-year warranty and what is covered?

Please refer to the NHBC website for more information.