Deposit Boost

If you have a 10% deposit, we could boost it by a further 5%, leaving you only needing an 85% mortgage. 

How does Deposit Boost work?

If you have a 10% deposit, we could boost it by funding up to an additional 5% of the sale price, giving you 15% deposit in total. This means you need to borrow less from a lender and could even secure a more competitive mortgage rate.

Example (based on the purchase of a home priced £370,000)

  • You would need to have at least a £37,000 deposit (10%)
  • We could provide an additional £18,500 towards your deposit (5%)
  • This would give you a total deposit of £55,500
  • You would then need an 85% mortgage

How do I apply?

Once you’ve found a home you’re interested in, you should speak to the Sales Adviser on the development to see if you could take advantage of Deposit Boost.

The Sales Adviser can also introduce you to a New Homes Mortgage Adviser who can provide individually-tailored advice and help secure the best mortgage for your own circumstances.

Offer available on selected plots only, subject to contract and status. Offer is to contribute up to a maximum of 5% deposit payable at the time of completion and is subject to lender’s criteria. Terms and Conditions. Following withdrawal or termination of any offer, we reserve the right to extend, reintroduce or amend any such offer as we see fit at any time.