8 reasons you're ready to move in together

Mar 20, 2018
8 reasons you're ready to move in together
If you think the time is right to move in with your partner, that’s great. You may well have discussed moving in together for a while, or you could be thinking of bringing up the subject with your other half. Either way, it should feel right for both of you and seem like a natural step. Here are eight reasons why that time may well be now.

1. It feels like the right time

Yes, you can plan your life and put goals in place, but you shouldn’t enter into something just because you think you must by a certain age or point in your relationship. If you both want to, and it feels right for both of you, do it. If there’s some hesitation there, maybe it’s not the right time.

2. It suits your lifestyle

This could be anything from the fact that you’re spending so much time with each other you’re basically living together anyway, or you’re relocating somewhere for work and both want to make the move. You’re also probably at the point in your life and relationship where you want to take it to the next level but you’re not exactly ready to settle down. A flat or apartment together in one of the trendy areas in central London, with all the capital’s excitement on your doorstep, may be more your thing, rather than a house in the suburbs. If you’re both in agreement and on board, it sounds like the right time.

3. You’ve discussed your future

If you’ve sat down and talked about your future together and where you want to be in the next few years, moving in together is definitely the first step to building your future life as a couple.

4. Your life goals and attitude match up

Being able to live with someone and making the commitment to buying somewhere together, requires agreement on a lot of things. You need to have the same attitude in terms of what you want to get out of life in the immediate future, whether that’s nights out in London, holidays or plans for a family. If one of you wants to travel and the other wants to settle down for example, it’s not necessarily going to work.

5. You don’t argue about the important things

All couples argue, it’s a normal part of any relationship. If you just bicker about silly little things but manage to agree when it comes to the important stuff like money and major life decisions, living together will be easy. Even with the occasional pointless argument.

6. You’re both good with money

If you’re not only moving in together, and are also buying somewhere together, you both need to be good with money for it to work. When buying you’ll need to demonstrate this in the mortgage application process, but even if you’re just renting you’ll both need to contribute to the monthly payments, bills and other household expenses. If one of you struggles with their own budget, a shared one may be a difficult transition.

7. You’re OK talking about money

Talking about money is a huge thing in a relationship when you share something like ownership of a property or shared bills. You need to be open and willing to face any challenge head on, together.

8. You can afford it

When you’re choosing which area you want to live in and the type of property to call home, you’ll need to make sure it’s something you can both afford from the outset. If one of you can’t, there’ll be problems down the line.