8 apps to make your home move easier

Aug 01, 2018
8 apps to make your home move easier
Forms, admin and important dates. At each stage of the homebuying process there’ll be important things you need to do, paperwork to complete, and deadlines not to be missed. In short, there’s a lot to keep track of. Fortunately, with a variety of moving apps available, you can make the process as smooth as possible. Here are eight to help you on your way.

Evaluating your chosen area

You might still have a few questions about the area you’re looking at. These three apps will give you all the information you need.
1. Mapumental enables you to plot journeys by time, as opposed to distance. If you have a maximum commute time as part of your list of priorities, this will help you find those homes that you can commute from within your designated time limit. Find out more
2. Crime Map – England and Wales gives you all the information on the crime rate of your chosen areas, enabling you to make key decisions based on the safety of a location. Download: Android /iOS
3. National Rail App is another one for the commuters, this app helps you quickly plan your rail journey, giving you the chance to understand how regular services are, the time taken, the required number of changes, and the cost. Download: Android /iOS

Keeping on track of the homebuying process

Once you’ve found somewhere and had an offer accepted, the process of buying a home kicks into gear. You’ll need to arrange your mortgage and keep on track of each stage of the conveyancing process. These apps will give you a helping hand.
4. Trello isn’t strictly for buying a home, but it’s a good project management tool to retain a continual overview of each step of the process and keep on track of where things are up to. You can build your own board, create individual cards for certain tasks and move them along each step of the process as they’re completed. For a quick overview of where you’re at and what still needs to be done, Trello is ideal. Sign up to Trello
5. Moving Planner helps you create detailed checklists, and assign tasks to assist with the search, keep on top of the mortgage application, and of course meticulously plan the logistics of moving day. 

Organisation on moving day

Even when you’re just about to get the keys to your new property, the organisation doesn’t stop. Moving day can be stressful, long and hard. These apps will ensure it runs like clockwork. 6. Sortly helps you create a visual inventory of all your possessions making sure you can keep track of everything before and after the move. Download: Android /iOS
 7. The Inventory Manager (TIM) is a fantastic inventory app with the capability to create folders and sub folders categorising everything on a room level. The interface is easy to use making it a great stress reliever on moving day. Download: Android/iOS
8. Moving Van is another inventory app, but this time detailing the different boxes you’ve packed, what they contain and where they should be going. Download: iOS With increased organisation comes focus, clarity and less stress.