Multi-functional room ideas for new homes and apartments in London

Aug 30, 2023
London is a popular place to live that’s full of world-class attractions, vibrant neighbourhoods, things to do and new places to explore. This popularity can also make London an expensive place to live, with home space often at a premium. But by using your available space creatively it’s still possible to create a practical and enjoyable home suited to your needs.

In this article we discuss how creating a multi-functional room can help maximise your home’s potential.

The magic of multi-functionality

A multi-functional room is simply a room designed for multiple purposes. From a professional office that becomes a weekend playroom to a living room that changes into a guest bedroom, introducing a multi-functional room or space can transform your home’s potential without the hassle and expense of moving or renovating.


Creating a multi-functional room


Interested in creating a multi-functional room of your own? Here are three questions to ask yourself before starting:

  1. What role or activities do you need the room for?
  2. Who will be using it?
  3. Will you need any specific furniture to make this happen?

Our multi-functional design tips


If you’re looking to transform a room in your home or a spot in your living room, we have a few fun design hacks and tricks that’ll make it feel like you have more than enough space.

Zone your rooms

This refers to using colours or furniture to divide up your room. For example, if you’ve integrated your office into the living room, you could make it clear where your designated office space begins by switching up the colour scheme or adding a throw rug to subtly divide the room. Or you could use storage units and shelving units to separate a large room into different zones, each with their own purpose and activity.

Blend different functions

If you don’t want to create specific ‘zones’, blending room functions might be the answer. Instead of creating a sharp definition between your office and living room, you might choose to integrate some smart storage into your living room so you can hide your office supplies when you’re relaxing.

This kind of blending can also make your home feel more free-flowing and multi-functional.

Choose smart furniture

Even with a cosy home, there’s plenty of room for big ideas. Dual-purpose furniture can make it easy to switch between activities in a multi-functional room. Folding dining tables, sofa beds, and hidden desk nooks make transforming a room clever and simple. There are numerous brands and retailers that specialise in clever-design and small-space furniture.


Some inspiration to get you started

You might have a spare room that can work in two ways. Or maybe you are integrating multiple functions into one main living room. To help inspire you, here are some of our favourite ways to make the most of smaller spaces.

1. Do more with your guest bedroom

If you love having guests, a dedicated guest bedroom could be a great idea. But it’s a shame to let a whole room go to waste when no one’s visiting. That’s when you can use the room for a variety of other things. You could use that guest room as a playroom or nursery for young children, thanks to day beds which can be used as couches day-to-day.

When you factor these dual functions into your decorating scheme, you may decide a neutral colour palette, comfortable furnishings, and personal touches like artwork and photos that anyone at any age can enjoy. When it comes to furniture, think comfortable soft furnishings and space-saving units that make it easy to transform a room in minutes.


2. Add a gym nook

If you’re health-conscious, a home gym is a great way to get your workout done in the comfort of your own home. How about creating a workout area within a large open-plan living room or as part of a dual-purpose spare room.

The good news is that these days there’s no shortage of folding exercise bikes and stylish at-home gym equipment. There are also a lot of savvy storage solutions out there, designed to hide those less-attractive weights away when not in use.

When you’re designating an area for workouts, it’s worth remembering the advantages of good ventilation and plenty of natural light.

3. Open-plan living space by day, home cinema by night

With a few choice additions, you can deck out your open-plan kitchen-living space so that it transforms into a home cinema by night. If you’re a movie buff, you may already have a great TV and sound bar. Why not elevate the experience by adding smart LED lighting that disappears by day, but dials up the cinematic feel at night? Or look for cabinets and smart solutions so your TV doesn’t dominate the room all day – you can even get TVs that look like picture frames and display your favourite artworks when turned off.




Barratt London homes are designed for modern living


At Barratt London, we design our homes in partnership with respected architects, interior designers, space planners and landscape designers. Every home is made for modern living with open-plan layouts that flow from room to room – and careful consideration given to maximising space.

  • Flexible spaces built with smart, modern living in mind
  • Rooms designed for multi-functionality
  • Wardroves, storage and furniture sizes factored into the design of our homes

If you’re interested in finding a brand-new Barratt London home, click here for more on our latest developments.

Even in your London home, there’s always room for big ideas. Whether it’s introducing an office nook, transforming the spare room into an adaptable playroom and guest room, or exploring clever storage solutions that make it easier to keep your home office or gym equipment accessible, we hope our suggestions have inspired you to rethink your rooms.

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