Winter interior design tips

Oct 20, 2018
Winter interior design tips
As the temperature drops outside, why not bring a little warmth to your home with these interior design tips? From touches of fur, to rich colour palettes – make sure when you hibernate this winter, it’s done in style!

Warm colours

Winter décor doesn’t necessarily mean neutral shades of grey and beige. Don’t be afraid to inject deeper colours such as berry, scarlet and coffee into your living space. These will instantly make your room appear cosier and more inviting. If the thought of a plum painted living room is a touch too far, a bright sofa throw or boldly patterned cushion will also do the trick.

Key colours: berry, scarlet, coffee, gold, plum.

Luxe fabrics

After braving the snow and ice, nothing beats coming back to a toasty home and curling up on a velvety sofa or sheepskin rug. Layering textures such as quilted cushions, faux-fur rugs and throws is a simple way of making your home look and feel warmer this winter.

Key materials: velvet, sheepskin, faux fur, satin, wool, tweed.


As darkness creeps in, it’s important to use lighting to lift the mood in your home. Lampshades in rich colours, such as gold, chocolate and cherry will cast warm glows, instantly making a room more inviting. If you’re after a quick fix, candles are a simple and affordable way of adding cosiness to any room.

Don’t forget to brighten up dark nooks and crannies with floor lamps or spot lights, especially on the darkest of days.

Key lighting: table lamps, floor lamps, spotlights, candles.

Frame it

All of those family pictures and keepsakes you’ve been storing? Dig them out and put them in a frame. The same goes for your favourite art pieces. You don’t have to splash out on auction prices; quirky, high quality prints are readily available online. Surround yourself with things you love and you’ll soon feel warm and cosy inside.

Key pieces: art prints, frames, photos, keepsakes, momentos

Plants, silk flowers

Why not add some plant power to your home this winter? Plants are known to do a good job of detoxifying the air we breathe, and boosting our mood in general. From tall palms to more manageable succulents, there’s a perfect plant for everyone. If the real thing doesn’t tickle your fancy, the silvery tones of silk eucalyptus or a wreath of autumnal berries can look just as welcoming.

Key plants: snake plant, bonsai tree, spider plant, Swiss cheese plant, orchids.

Seasonal scents

Smell is our most powerful sense, so remember to indulge your home with rich, warming scents such as cinnamon and spice. A stylish reed diffuser can take centre space on a coffee table or mantelpiece, while scented candles can add atmosphere and aroma to your bathroom.

Key scents: cinnamon, spice, pine leaf, cedar, fig, mandarin, vanilla.