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Welcome to car club

Car clubs are car sharing networks, offering hourly and daily car hire, and are available at a number of Barratt London developments. 

Live a greener lifestyle

As a nation, we are becoming more concerned about environmental issues, making the idea of car clubs, especially ones that use electric vehicles, more appealing:

  • The average carbon emission of a London car club car was 29% lower than the average privately owned car^.
  • Around 40% of the UK’s transport emissions come from private cars>.
  • 17% of the London car club fleet are hybrid or electric vehicles, but this is less than 0.5% for all UK cars^.

Not only are you being environmentally conscious by using car club but you can save money and avoid the hassle that comes from owning a car!

“London motorists who spend less than four hours in their car per week, could save around £1000 a year by not owning a car and making their usual journeys via a car club” (This is Money)

As we know, parking within the capital is at a premium, but why let that stop you from buying the new home of your dreams? With the car club that is available on a number of Barratt London developments, why would you even need a car?

Car club

Car ownership vs. car club: What you have to pay

Car Club

Driving made easy with Enterprise Car Club

  • You’ll pay an hourly/daily rate for the time you reserve the vehicle plus a mileage charge of 21p per mile on cars and 27p per mile on vans.
  • Enterprise take care of the breakdown cover, insurance, MOTs, servicing and cleaning, leaving you to enjoy the drive.
  • The estimated cost of your trip (less any mileage charges) will be displayed before you confirm any reservation.
  • You can reserve and unlock the vehicle with your phone.
  • 24/7 access year-round, nationwide.
  • Car clubs are available across 7 Barratt London developments.