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Making changes to your New Home

Will my warranty be affected if I change the plan of my home?

Is it always best to check this with your local customer service department before commencing any work. Your local customer service department can be contacted via Contact Us page.

Is there a charge for planning permission?

This depends on the policy of your local authority. In certain circumstances you may also need building regulations approval, for which a charge will be made.

How do I get planning permission if I want to make changes to my home?

This has to be obtained from the local authority using the local planning portal which can be accessed via the website.

What will I need planning permission for?

You will need planning consent for any extension to your property which is not covered by what is known as permitted development, which allows for certain extensions such as conservatories to be built without the need for planning consent. Whether an extension falls within permitted development depends upon the location of the property, whether any additional extension has taken place, the location of the proposed extension and its size and whether your property is detached or not.

Whether or not you need or obtain permission of a lessor or developer you may still need planning consent and you should refer to the governments’ planning portal, which provides guidance on what is permitted development without planning consent or building regulations approval and what is not.

What do I need to do if I want to build a conservatory?

You may require our consent or, if the property is leasehold, the consent of the lessor, who will be the person to whom you pay ground rent. If your property is freehold and less than 10 years' old, our consent as developer would definitely be required.

You may also require planning consent from your local authority, depending upon a number of factors relating to the size and position of the proposed conservatory and whether your property is detached or not. You should seek guidance from your local planning authority.

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