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7 tips to choose the right kitchen furnishings

Apr 16, 2018
7 tips to choose the right kitchen furnishings
When it comes to furnishing your new kitchen, there’ll be many decisions you’ll want to get right. Not only does the space serve a practical everyday purpose, it’s also a place for family time and relaxing with friends. If you choose the right layout, furnishings and style, it will become the real focal point for the home. Whether you need help choosing kitchen tiles, getting the layout right, or staying within your budget, here are seven essential tips to help you stay on track.

1. Decide on the best layout

Before you can start thinking about choosing your furnishings, you’ll need to get the flow of the room right. The best kitchens have different work stations to contain specific tasks. For example, you’ll want chopping space close to the oven, a wet area including your sink and dishwasher, and food storage areas close to the fridge.

2. Consider the colour scheme & kitchen style

Decide on your style of kitchen first and the furnishings should follow. For a modern kitchen you might go for granite worktops, handless cupboards, and a stainless-steel sink. For more of a country style kitchen, you might require a wooden worktop and table, and a white ceramic sink. If you have any exposed pipes, consider leaving them like that for a spot of industrial charm – you can even use them to create a clever shelving unit. Remember that it’s important to choose a style and try and stick to it where you can.

3. Look critically at your needs and practicality

Yes, you’ll want your kitchen to be aesthetically pleasing, but you should try and choose materials that are hardwearing and practical. When choosing the material for your kitchen worktops consider:
  • Durability – granite is extremely tough and won’t be susceptible to scratches in the same way as wood or laminate
  • Stain resistance – used tea bags or certain foods like curry can stain wood easily
  • Value – you may find that granite retains its value better than other materials
  • Purpose – marble worktops stay cool which is ideal if you make pastry as it won’t dry out on the worktop
  • Cost  specific materials such as granite may eat into your budget

4. Evaluate how your needs may change

Certain materials or colours might seem like a great idea when you first get the kitchen fitted but may become impractical as time goes on. Opting for stone floors is a great design feature but they will be slippy and unforgiving once you have small children in the home. Similarly, a whitewash wood or laminate floor may look great when you first move in, but not so much if you decide to get a dog further down the line as any dirt and dust will show up instantly.  Whenever you make any decisions, try and plan ahead as much as you can.

5. Do your sums

Your budget will most likely dictate what you can have in your new kitchen, as well as the specific materials. Don’t go overboard and stick with what you can afford.

6. Think about your essentials vs. your wants

If you’re working to a budget, write a list of your absolute essentials versus your nice to haves. There are many kitchen gadgets that although would be great, aren’t necessary for the running of your home. These may include a built-in wine cooler, boiling water tap, or top of the range coffee machine. If you can afford some of these, fantastic. Just make sure you have enough budget left for what you need.

7. Remember the resale value

It’s hard to consider this when you’re planning the perfect space for you, but it pays to have it at the back of your mind. When prospective buyers come to view your property, they’ll want to see somewhere they can imagine themselves living. By choosing more hardwearing kitchen furnishings that retains that first-fitted feel you’ll be much closer to achieving this. A properly fitted and well-designed kitchen can truly become the heart of the home. It’s time to create yours.