7 tips for choosing bathroom furnishings

Apr 16, 2018
7 tips for choosing bathroom furnishings
 If you plan on decorating your bathroom, you should start your planning early. Be as thorough as possible; this involves measuring the space properly and maximising the room you have, mapping out your budget, and deciding between your “must haves” and “nice to haves”.
Here are seven tips to help kick things off.

1. Create a space you want to spend time in

The bathroom is of course a very functional room. It’s also likely to be in use a lot, especially in busy households. But, the practical functions aside, it should also be a sanctuary away from the stresses of everyday life. Make it a place to enjoy and one that you want to spend time in. A luxury showerhead or roll top bath could make all the difference.

2. Investigate what you must work with

When installing the taps for your sink and bath for example, you’ll need to investigate what you have to work with. For your basin taps there may be one or two holes for water, dictating your final choice. With one hole you can opt for monobloc or single level taps, while two will enable you to install pillar taps. Your bath can even have four holes, so you’ll need to know what you’ve got before you make your decisions.

3. Choose a style that you think will last (and you’ll be happy with)

The most popular tap finish, whether for the sink or bath, is chrome or chrome effect. The reason being is that they work with several styles whether classic or contemporary. Opting for copper or brass may limit your options for change further down the line – so choose styles that won’t go out of fashion.

4. Consider how easy things are to clean

No one wants to be spending too much time cleaning the bathroom, so you can limit this with your choices early on. For example, easy-to-clean bathroom glass, tiles and fittings are available. They’re low maintenance and easily wipe clean without too much effort.

5. Use your budget to establish your choices

Always start with a list of your must haves and nice to haves and cost up both. You can then use your budget to eliminate things that you just can’t afford and make more cost-effective decisions. If you don’t rule things out early on and get your heart set on a finish, fitting or piece of furniture it can be more difficult to do without when the time comes.

6. Evaluate your heating options

Keeping your towels dry after use is essential – most people opt for a heated towel rail made from either mild steel or aluminium. It’s easy to overlook the temperature of your bathroom first thing in the morning, but you shouldn’t. If you aren’t a fan of the cold, underfloor heating might therefore be a must for you – but just ensure it fits within your budget and is compatible with your choice of flooring. Speak to both the supplier of the flooring and the heating system company to make sure it is.

7. Get the finishing touches right

Once your bath or shower unit, sink and toilet are installed you’re nearly ready, and it’s when planning the final touches you can really enhance the space and create a bathroom you love.
Consider your lighting options, whether that’s spot lights or a luxury chandelier. Pay attention to your toilet roll holder, towel hoops or pegs, and the spots of colour through your towels, toothbrush holder and blinds. Here’s your chance to show a little personality. With the right plans in place and the best decisions made along the way, you’ll create your perfect sanctuary, as well as a space that ticks all the practical boxes.