Apartment living – making your space matter


When hunting for your ideal home, space matters. Recent research* found that spaciousness is the third most important aspect when looking for an apartment, after price and location. So it’s no surprise that over two thirds of people surveyed would have liked a greater sense of space in the apartments they viewed in London.

Your home will likely be the biggest investment you make in your lifetime, so you shouldn’t have to compromise. That’s why Barratt London works with top architects and designers to ensure your home is carefully designed. We build each home to be spacious, flexible, functional and filled with light. Every detail is considered early on in the planning stage – from the aspects of the windows for light and openness, to the smallest nooks and crannies to allow for clever storage solutions.


Our design teams know that cleverly designed spaces are crucial in cities like London where space comes at a cost. “The only way to create affordable London apartments is to create better designed, smaller spaces that make effective use of the area within them.”

Each Barratt London home is designed in an open plan and finished with continuous flooring throughout and neutral wall colours. It’s all part of creating a sense of flow within our apartments. Dawn Kitchener, Managing Director at BLOCC and Interior Designer for Barratt London, suggests that minimalism is best when it comes to creating flow. “Simplicity radiates a sense of space and flow within an apartment. Less is more. That’s how we see it.”

Storage is essential when it comes to creating cleverly-designed spaces. That’s why Barratt London apartments are available with a range of storage solutions – from built-in wardrobes to high-reaching kitchen cabinets.

Ulrich van Eck, Technical Director at Barratt West London, says that trust and experience are key when it comes to building well designed homes. “Good design starts with a skilled design team. Barratt employs the best people in the country and we have a huge portfolio of experience behind us.”


Natural light is something that boosts your mood and contributes to a sense of openness in an apartment. We design and proportion our homes adequately in open plan formats to allow light deep into the rooms. This creates the sense of openness which Attzaz Rashid, Head of Design at Barratt London, and his team strive for.

“I think your world is only as big as the space that you stand in at that time. So the more opportunity you’ve got for views, larger rooms and wider rooms, the bigger your world is. And therefore the better your state of mind. All these things are considered to help improve residents’ wellbeing.”

Although natural light is key to achieving a sense of space, artificial light can really open up rooms, too. When adding finishing touches to a home, Dawn likes to experiment with decorative lights and different coloured bulbs.

“I look for dark corners to pop mirrors in to open up a space. I also like to use floor lighting, table lights and pendants along with different shades of bulbs to add warmth.”


Most people purchase a home only once or twice in their lifetime. Which means it’s essential that your apartment can adapt alongside you as your needs change. Adaptability isn’t always about having lots of extra space, it’s about the potential for change. When viewing a home, consider how you could use it in different ways in the future. For example, in a two bedroom apartment, could you remove the partition to open up the space? Could you create a small office area in the corner of a living room? Or could you add extra storage in hallways or on the tops of cupboards?

We know that longevity matters. That’s why Attzaz and his team ensure that each Barratt London home is built with flexibility in mind. Everything is carefully planned and considered. From the big decisions such as room layouts, to the smallest of details such as the placement of plug sockets.

“Adaptability is woven into the design process early on. It’s about allowing people to adapt the space over the course of many years to suit their needs.”

Even if you’re house hunting in London, it is possible to find your ideal home that ticks all the boxes. You’ll want somewhere flexible which can adapt as your needs change. For example, a place that’s functional so you can both relax and entertain with plenty of natural light to maintain your general wellbeing. So if you’re looking for a new build apartment and don’t want to compromise, take a look at our latest apartments on offer. They’re spacious, functional and lovable and in a variety of different locations including Greenwich, Kingston & Upton Park.

*A survey of 498 people who either own a London flat or intend to purchase one. Conducted by independent market research agency Walnut Unlimited on behalf of Barratt London, using the Walnut Omnibus in November 2019.

Attzaz Rashid, Head of Design at Barratt London

Ulrich van Eck, Technical Director at Barratt West London