How to keep heat inside your house or apartment


There are many cost effective ways of keeping your home warm during the winter months. From heavy, thick curtains to draught excluders, making simple changes can stop your home from getting too cold. Follow our top tips on how to keep the heat inside your home this autumn.

Keep the heat inside

Keep your home just that little bit warmer by investing in good quality curtains. These will help to trap the heat in and stop it from escaping out of your window. It’s estimated that up to 40% of heat is lost from uncovered windows. So getting heavy curtains will not only keep your home warm, but will also save you some money. Another trick is to shut your curtains before it gets dark. This will act as another layer of insulation.

Fill in the gaps

If you find any gaps, cracks or small areas that cold air can filter through, try and close them up. Get a draught excluder for gaps underneath doors. This will help to stop any cold air from getting into the room. You can even get creative and make you own to fit with the interior design of your home. So it blends in and looks chic.

Set a time for the heating

Try putting the heating on at a moderate temperature half an hour before you wake up. It’s a more cost effective way of warming up your home, without spending too much on your monthly bills. Also, by setting the thermostat between 18º and 21º C, you can create a comfortable temperature that’s just right.

It will also be beneficial to install a smart meter in your home. They allow you to monitor your energy levels, as well as giving you control on how and when your home is heated.

Avoid blocking the radiators

To keep the heat inside your house, avoid blocking the radiators with furniture. This will only stop the heat from warming your room and will ultimately be absorbed by the furniture. The same applies to curtains and washing. Try to keep them away from radiators so that the heat can escape.

Maintain your radiators

If your radiators aren’t in top condition, then they’re unlikely to be doing a good job. Luckily with a new build, your radiators will be brand new so you won’t have to worry too much about getting them fixed. However, if your radiators don’t seem to be working, check to see if they need bleeding. This is where you use a radiator key to release some of the air that has built up. Check this regularly to ensure that your home is being heated up properly.

Furnish your room

A simple way of making sure your home is warm is to furnish it with soft items. This can range from a shaggy rug to a soft sofa instead of a leather one. This will ensure that your room is cosy, which will trick your mind into feeling warmer. It can also help to have a thicker duvet and mattress protector to help keep your bedding warm.

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