Top summer interior design trends 2019

May 31, 2019
Top summer interior design trends 2019

2019 is all about sustainability, the environment and thinking consciously. The idea that the home plays a major part in this is big in 2019, with many trends focusing on creating a calm and cool space. We break down the top 5 summer interior trends that will help to get your home ready for another glorious summer.

Scandinavian retreat

Create a relaxing summer home by diving into a Scandinavian retreat. Incorporate neutral colours, natural wicker, rustic textures and earthy materials. If we're heading towards the same hot summer as last year, you'll be grateful to have subtle textures and tones that will keep your home feeling cool and airy. The laid back design and effortless styling will complement the summer months, creating a space you'll want to chill out in.

Add some small touches like the IKEA Flådis basket as a creative plant pot or a home for newspapers and magazines.

Sustainability is key

Many brands are helping their customers become environmentally aware, by changing the types of materials they use for their products. The Future Kept offer a range of sustainable and ethical products for the home, designed with minimalism in mind. The brand's dedication to the planet is shown by their promise to donate 1% of sales to environmental not for profit organisations. Not only are they working to save the planet, they're also proving that sustainability can go hand-in-hand with good interior design.

Add some cooling ceramics to your kitchenware with some hand-crafted bowls, plates and mugs. Be closer to nature with naturally sourced ceramics and keep your home on trend for the summer.

A splash of mustard

This versatile colour works in any space in the home. As a go-to colour for summer interior trends, mustard is an easy colour to incorporate into any home. Pair together with soft pinks, deep sea blues or natural ash for a splash of colour this summer.

A touch of living coral

Living Coral has been named Pantone's colour of 2019 and we can see why. The soft colour is refreshing and calming, something that is essential to a summer home. This shade can look great in any room, from the living room to the kitchen.

Celebrating botanicals

If you haven't noticed already, plants are a big part of 2019. Not only do they look great on your Instagram feed, but they also help to purify the home. Houseplants such as English Ivy, Snake Plant and Aloe Vera act as great natural purifiers. They often help to get rid of toxins such as formaldehyde and benzene found in some household products.

If plants aren't really your thing, then why not adopt botanical prints and bring the outside in. Palm prints are big for summer, giving you that tropical feel, without having to look after a delicate plant.