Your new home comes with the 10 year Buildmark Warranty from the NHBC.  As part of this, we (the builder of your home) provide a more extensive warranty in the first 2 years.  This warranty applies to your new home itself and transfers with ownership of it to anyone to whom you sell this.

We often refer to the 2 year warranty as the 2 year fixtures and fittings warranty – whilst most fixtures and fittings are covered by the warranty, it actually includes a little more.  Below we have given you more detail about what is and isn’t included within the 2 year warranty.

Further details on the NHBC 10 year Buildmark Warranty can be found on their website.


Your 2 Year Homebuilder Warranty (also referred to as 2 year fixtures and fittings warranty)

The 2 year warranty provides that we will put right any damage caused to your home by a failure by us to build to the appropriate NHBC standards.

Your home is covered by this warranty and includes:

  • Any part of any drainage system which serves your home and for which you are responsible as owner*
  • Any separate or integrated garage, any other outbuilding, retaining or boundary wall which we have constructed for you before you purchased your home*
  • Any path or driveway or your garden or any paved areas which we have included in your property*
  • Any fixed electrical wiring or lighting system, any plumbing and heating system which is in your home when we sold it to you together with, again where we installed this before you completed on buying your home from us, any smoke alarm, air conditioning system, waste disposal unit or water softening equipment.

*Good news!  If these items are within areas you share with other owners, but you are responsible for maintaining or repairing those items, they are also be covered by the 2 year warranty.


It’s not just the big things, the smaller things are covered too

Your home includes anything which is part of it when you purchase it from us and which is fitted at completion, the fixtures and fittings.  The 2 year warranty covers the following fitted into your home by us, including:


  • The central heating and hot water systems and fires
  • Hot and cold plumbing and drainage systems and pipework (against leakage)
  • The electrical system including wiring
  • The kitchen units and appliances
  • Sanitary ware, taps and shower doors
  • Windows and doors (external and internal)
  • Ironmongery
  • Wardrobes
  • Any renewable installations where we have fitted them (eg solar panels).


The warranty however does not cover any consumable items for example bulbs and fuses within the electrical system or any clips, heads, rubber seals or mastic within the plumbing system or which is used to fit kitchen units or sanitary ware or similar items.  It also does not cover anything which causes damage because it was not properly maintained or, for example in relation to the water and heating system, or any installation, not serviced as recommended, at least every 12 months


Under the warranty we will:

  • Put right within a reasonable time and at our cost any damage which is caused to your home which is notified to us during the warranty period.
  • In the unlikely event that you have to move out of your home in order to allow work to be done we will arrange with you to either provide alternative accommodation or meet any reasonable costs you incur as a result of this.
  • This warranty applies to any damage reported to us during the warranty period even if we have not put it right during the warranty period.

We are not responsible for:

  • Wear and tear, wilful damage, or a failure to carry out appropriate maintenance (such as your annual central heating boiler and cylinder servicing).
  • Damp, condensation and shrinkage where this does not result from our failure to comply with NHBC standards.
  • Storms or severe weather conditions, flooding and changes to the water table level.
  • Fire and smoke.
  • Anything which has been done to your home or your property after legal completion unless it has been carried out by us or the NHBC to meet our obligations to you.
  • If you are not the first owner anything which you knew about when you purchased the home and which was taken into account in your purchase.


Get in touch quickly

If something does go wrong with your home, we ask that you report it to us quickly:

  •    Any damage present at completion should be reported to us within 72 hours.
  • We provide a 24 hour a day 365 day a year service to you as our customer throughout the 2 year warranty period.  This means we can arrange emergency visits where necessary to respond to emergencies.  When you move in to one of our new homes, you are given a file called ‘A Guide to your New Home’ – further details can be found here.  Our normal response time for these is 4 hours.  We reserve our rights to charge for any such call outs which are made unreasonably.
  • You must report any defect to us as soon as possible and provide reasonable access during normal weekday working hours to allow any works to be carried out, failure to do so may result in damage caused by delay not being covered by the warranty.


Taking reasonable care of your new home

In return for this warranty, we ask that you carry out all homeowners’ maintenance including that recommended by the manufacturer for any item covered by the warranty.  This requires that:

  • You put in place a service arrangement for the cylinder and boiler of your heating and hot water system with an approved Gas Safe Registered supplier who should be contacted in the first instance.  Your warranty covers any defective parts for which you are liable under the terms of your service agreement.
  • You also follow any manufacturer’s recommendations for service of other items such as fires, solar panels and burglar alarms.
  • You maintain and replace grout, mastic and similar seals designed to prevent escape of water in bathrooms and kitchens
  • You seal normal shrinkage cracks, caused by the drying out process in a new property, for example, to plasterboard where the cracks do not exceed 2mm width (4mm on stairways). 


The full terms and conditions of the warranty are available from the NHBC website and are included in the file you were given when you moved into your new home, called: ‘A Guide to your New Home’.  If you have any queries or questions please contact your sales advisor who will be delighted to help.