Part Exchange

Let us take the stress out of selling your old home. With Part Exchange, we could buy your existing home so that you can get moving faster with a guaranteed buyer.

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Why use our Part Exchange Scheme?

Part Exchange - How does it work

If you’re keen to move quickly, our Part Exchange scheme might be just what you need. We could buy your current home from you, giving you peace of mind of having a guaranteed buyer. You will also avoid the hassle of being in a property chain, paying estate agent fees and you can also stay in your current home until your new one is ready.


Part Exchange makes selling your existing home and moving to your new Barratt home quicker and easier, so you could be moving sooner than you think.

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The benefit of a guaranteed buyer

Part Exchange

...the Barratt team have been exceptional and with the part exchange feature it took the stress of finding a buyer before I could move out of my hands. Love my new little house, love the gorgeous estate they have created, and cannot rate the sales team high enough. Very happy and would recommend them to anyone!

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Part Exchange explained

Time to get moving

With a guaranteed buyer, you could be in a brand-new home sooner than you think. Use the search bar below to book an appointment at a development near you. 

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Part Exchange FAQs

What is Part Exchange?

With Part Exchange, when you buy your new home with us, we will be your guaranteed buyer. We will take the stress out of selling your old home and help you move quicker and easier into your new Barratt home.

Is Part Exchange a good idea?

Part Exchange is a great alternative if you want to sell your current home quickly without going on the property market or through estate agents. Below are just a few of the advantages of part exchanging your house:

  • A guaranteed and quick sale
  • No estate agent fees
  • No chains
  • Fair value for your current home
  • Stay in your old home until your new one is ready

A guaranteed and quick sale

The biggest advantage of using Part Exchange is the peace of mind of being able to buy and sell in one easy move.

No estate agent fees

Buying your house with Part Exchange means not having to worry about estate agents or their fees as we take away all of that for you by being your guaranteed buyer.

No chains

Chains can disrupt the sale of your property. If someone further up the chain suffers a problem, this will impact everyone all the way down. With Part Exchange, you won't have to worry about getting stuck in lengthy chains or any frustrating delays.

Fair value for your current home

After two independent valuations, we will offer you fair value for your current home and once the deal has been agreed, we take care of the rest of the process for you.

Stay in your old home until your new one is ready

Buying with Part Exchange is hassle-free as it means you can stay in your current home until the new one is ready. As we’re your guaranteed buyer, until we have your new home ready, we will not ask you to move out of your existing one.

What criteria do I need to meet?

  • There are a few criteria you’ll need to meet to be eligible for Part Exchange. These are:
  • Being a property owner
  • Your current home shouldn't be more than 80% of the price of the home you want to buy
  • Your current home should be kept in good condition both inside and outside
  • Part Exchange is available only on selected homes

How does Part Exchange Work?

The Part Exchange scheme is an easy and straightforward process. If you're unsure about how it works, read on as we break down each step for you.

The application

Once you've set your sights on your energy-efficient Barratt home, get in touch with one of our Sales Advisers at the development in question. They'll ask you some questions about your property and its location. If you're eligible for Part Exchange, you'll need to fill in an application form. You'll also need to sign a reservation agreement and pay your deposit.

The valuation

Once the relevant paperwork is ready, we'll run two independent evaluations of your home. You'll need to provide our estate agents, Part Exchange Manager or representatives with access to your property within 3 working days of submitting the application and paying your deposit. They'll assess its selling price and offer you fair value.

The offer

After assessing the value of your current home, we'll make you a verbal offer based on the premise that the house will sell between 8 and 10 weeks. You'll need to accept the offer within 2 working days. 

The sale

Once you've accepted the offer, you'll need a solicitor to help you complete the sale. We'll also instruct our solicitor to survey the home to make sure everything is fine. While we finalise the last few things, you can stay in your current home until the new one is ready.

What homes will you consider for Part Exchange?

We consider all properties for Part Exchange to establish their methods of construction and characteristics. However, the scheme will only be available if your current home is no more than 80% of the selling price of the home you want to buy from us. This is up to a maximum value of £500,000.

What is the difference between Part Exchange and Part Exchange Xtra?

With the Part Exchange Xtra scheme, we'll nominate an estate agent to handle all viewings and enquiries. We will also cover the estate agent fees for you. If your home doesn't sell, or the offer isn't satisfactory, we can become your guaranteed buyer with our Part Exchange scheme.

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