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Take the hassle out of moving with Part Exchange Xtra

If you're an existing homeowner, we could help you sell your current home and even pay the estate agent fees. And if your old home doesn't sell before your new home is ready, we could become the guaranteed buyer.

How does Part Exchange Xtra work?

You could be moving into a brand-new Barratt home in 6 simple steps.

Step 1 - Get in touch. Find out if you qualify by speaking to a Sales Adviser at your chosen development.

Step 2 - Choose your new home. It's time to find and reserve your new Barratt home. Then we will take it off the market.

Step 3 - Valuing your home. We will arrange for two independent valuations of your home and agree a fair selling price.

Step 4 – Selling your old home. We'll nominate an estate agent for you to instruct who will manage all viewings and enquiries.

Step 5 – If there’s no sale. If no satisfactory offer is made or accepted eight weeks before your new home is ready, we could buy your existing home and take it as Part Exchange.

Step 6 – Moving day! You’re free to move into your wonderful new Barratt home.

The benefits of Part Exchange Xtra

Part Exchange Xtra explained

How Part Exchange Xtra works

Get moving today

With Part Exchange Xtra you could move sooner than you think. Use the search bar below to find a new home and book an appointment at a development near you. Our Sales Advisers will then let you know if your current home qualifies for Part Exchange Xtra.

Click here for the full terms and conditions.

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Part Exchange Xtra FAQs

  • With the Part Exchange Xtra scheme, we'll put you in touch with an estate agent and cover the estate agent fees for you. If your house doesn't sell on the property market, we can be your guaranteed buyer by moving to a Part Exchange scheme.
  • Applying for Part Exchange Xtra is easy. Get in touch with one of our Sales Advisers who will determine your eligibility. If you're eligible, they'll instruct a New Homes Mortgage Adviser to support you through the application process, viewings and enquiries.
  • The Part Exchange Xtra scheme is ideal if you want to sell your current home faster.

    You won't need to worry about finding an estate agent or advertising your property on the open market. We'll nominate an estate agent for you and cover the fees. And if your home doesn't sell, you'll have peace of mind knowing we will be your guaranteed buyer by moving to a Part Exchange Scheme.
  • Yes, you can withdraw from Part Exchange Xtra at any time.
  • With the Part Exchange scheme, you can trade in your current home and buy a new one with us. We'll be your guaranteed buyer and use your existing home as part payment. 

    With the Part Exchange Xtra scheme, we'll first nominate an estate agent for you who will deal with viewings and enquiries. Only if your home doesn't sell will we be your guaranteed buyer and move to a Part Exchange scheme.

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