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How to design a new-build kitchen

Dec 13, 2020
Kennford Kitchen

Buying a new build guarantees that everything in your home will be sparkling new. When it comes to a new-build kitchen, that means everything from the appliances to the cabinets, the splashbacks to the plug sockets.

You can personalise the kitchen design in your new-build home in plenty of different ways. And the sooner you reserve your plot, the more options you’ll have available. We’ve gathered some tips and inspiration to help you choose the right new-build kitchen for you.

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Different types of new-build kitchen choices

The benefit of a new-build home is that you can choose the kitchen you’ve always wanted.
Consider whether you want the kitchen in your new home to be a central hub, a family-friendly space where you can catch up over the table, or somewhere to entertain dinner party guests and show off your cookery skills.

Before you decide on the finish, flooring, and wall coverings of your new-build kitchen, think about who will be using the space and how. If you have children, they might do their homework or revise from the comfort of your kitchen table, which could influence the décor and lighting you choose for your new build.

We’ll take you through some of the popular design styles you can choose for your kitchen. 

High-gloss kitchens

If you love the modern look, a high-gloss new-build kitchen could be just the style for you.


White gloss kitchens with a contrasting colour worktop are sleek and simple, with a pop of colour that’s extremely on trend. White gloss is a great tip for enhancing the lighting in your new-build home as they reflect it back into the space, making your kitchen seem much brighter.

Integrated dishwashers and fridges are a must if you want your kitchen to be clutter-free. You should have plenty of storage space in your kitchen cupboards, so you shouldn’t have to store gadgets or equipment directly on your worktops.

Pan drawers are becoming an increasingly popular kitchen design for new builds, as they can give you easy access to cupboards without you needing to bend down.

Classic shaker kitchens

Looking for something more traditional?

Shaker kitchens have cupboard doors with a recessed panel and are all about clean lines. They can create a farmhouse feel and sense of warmth within a new-build kitchen.

The wood and finish you choose should complement the colour scheme and flooring you like.

If you want to mix things up, you could build your own island from a vintage shaker style table or dresser. Ideal for storing tableware or pans underneath, this could double up as a breakfast bar if you place a stool nearby. If you have young children, ensure that the edges are rounded to try to avoid nasty bumps.

Wood grain kitchens

This European style has been growing in popularity in recent years and really suits new home kitchens.

Cabinets with a matte finish show marks less than those with a gloss finish, which can be good if you prefer something low maintenance when it comes to cleaning.

Wood grain is an easy way to add a rustic touch and sense of depth to a new-build kitchen.

Industrial style kitchens

With an industrial design, less is more. This is all about going back to basics, from the cabinets you choose, to your appliances.

There’s a rawness to an industrial kitchen design for new-build homes that demands a stripped back and modern approach. Consider metallic accessories, warehouse-style lighting, and maybe even exposed brick effect walls – which can be achieved with wallpaper.

It’s the kind of kitchen that leaves a lasting impression

Colourful kitchens

Your kitchen needs to work on a practical level, but it can also showcase your personality. You may want to have the same colour scheme as your lounge and hallway to create a seamless transition, or you might want to mix it up a little.

Pastel shades are very popular, but if you’re feeling brave, why not try a cobalt blue feature wall? To inject some fun and sparkle, you could consider paint with added glitter for the walls.

It’s worth spending some time thinking about the lighting for your new-build home too. You could try three hanging pendant lights over your kitchen table. Gold and copper statement lighting is on trend and looks great when complemented with gold and copper door handles, switches, and accessories. You could opt for a combination of LED lighting, task lighting under your wall cabinets, and downlights.

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