Efficiency built in

All our Barratt homes are designed to be up to 63% more energy-efficient and could save you up to £2,200 per year on your bills.^

The benefits of a sustainable, energy-efficient new home

Many homeowners are significantly underestimating the costs of doing up an existing property and it could potentially cost up to £70,000 to upgrade an old property to modern standards*.

We use highly thermally efficient insulation and argon-filled double-glazing as standard, which allows the heat from the sun in whilst minimising heat loss. 

This means you could enjoy lower energy bills, whatever the weather, with your brand-new home being up to 63% cheaper to run, meaning you could save up to £2,200 per year on your energy bills^.

Barratt Homes build energy efficient and beautiful houses. Phillip, barratt homeowner
New is built to last with firm foundations

Smart walls

Our walls use the latest building techniques to keep the heat in and your bills down.

Energy-efficiency built in

Energy-efficiency built it

Our homes come with the latest water and energy saving technologies as standard. In fact, our water efficient kitchen and bathroom fittings could reduce consumption by up to 26% per day per person compared to the national average**.

When you move in, we provide you with helpful information about how to make the most of the appliances we provide, along with further advice on how you could live a more sustainable lifestyle, using less water.

A green mortgage could be right for you

A growing number of mainstream lenders are now offering green mortgage products. As an incentive for choosing an energy-efficient home, you could be offered either a preferential interest rate, an increased loan amount or cashback. This means not only could a brand-new Barratt home be up to 63% cheaper to run^ but it could also mean you’re eligible for a green mortgage too.

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Leading the way in the future of homebuilding

We are on a journey towards all of our homes being Zero Carbon and we’re leading the way in the future of sustainable housebuilding.

The Zed House is a unique zero carbon concept home that showcases the future of sustainable living in the UK. It’s the first home in the country to be built by a major housebuilder that goes substantially beyond Future Homes Standard.

We’re also working on Energy House 2.0, an industry-leading project that will test the effects of climate change and look at ways that the homes of the future can withstand more extreme weather conditions. It will test, in tightly controlled conditions, new ways of powering heating and insulating homes, whilst cutting water usage.  

Zed House

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*Indicative figures, based on HBF "Get on with living" report published February 2023. 

^Indicative figures, based on HBF "Watt a Save" report published January 2024.

**Source: Water UK