We’ll buy yours, so you can buy ours and you’ll get the profit with Part Exchange Guarantee

With our Part Exchange Guarantee scheme, we could buy your current home from you – making your homebuying journey as smooth and quick as possible. And if we sell your existing home above our agreed offer, we guarantee to give you any profit made. So you could move to an energy-efficient homes with added peace of mind, no chain or estate agent fees.

How does Part Exchange Guarantee work?

Part Exchange Guarantee – we buy your home, you receive any profit

1. You decide on the right home for you.

2. We arrange two independent valuations of your current property, and then make you a fair-value offer (based on a presumed sale of 8-10 weeks).

3. If you accept our offer, we buy your home and take it in Part Exchange.

4. We’ll remarket your home at its open market value, and if it sells for more than the agreed offer, we guarantee to give you the difference (minus our costs).

5. You’re all set to move into your energy-efficient new home.

Here's an example of how it works

 Our offer on your current property  £200,000 
 Property is remarketed at  £210,000
 Offer we accept on the property  £210,000
 Difference between our offer and sale price  £10,000
 Estate agent fees  £3,300
 Payment we make to you  £6,700

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What are the benefits?

This scheme is definitely above and beyond anything we could have imagined and well worth anyone looking into, you truly can’t lose out, with full profit (minus estate agent fees) being transferred to you following completion of the sale. As we received over asking price for ours this has meant we have a lump sum to help with furnishing our new home...

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  • Price guarantee - We’ll make you an offer, based on two independent valuations (based on a presumed sale of 8-10 weeks) – we’ll remarket your existing home at its open market value and if it sells for more than our agreed offer, we’ll give you the profit.
  • No chain - With the peace of mind of us as your guaranteed buyer, you don’t need to worry about a property chain.
  • No estate agent fees - You could save money and avoid the hassle of choosing and dealing with estate agents.

Click here for the full terms and conditions.

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Part Exchange Guarantee FAQs

  • The Part Exchange Guarantee scheme can help you sell your existing home quickly and stress-free. We’ll run two independent valuations and offer you a fair value offer. Once you accept the offer, we’ll remarket your home. If we sell it above our agreed offer, you’ll receive all the profit.
  • The House Part Exchange Guarantee scheme is a great way to sell your home hassle-free and move into your new one. Here are some of the benefits:

    • Price guarantee: If your property sells for more than what we remarket it, you’ll receive the whole profit
    • No chain: You won’t need to worry about any chains, as we’ll be your buyer
    • No estate agent fees: We’ll market your property and do the legwork for you, so you can forget about estate agent fees
  • The criteria for the Part Exchange Guarantee scheme includes the existing property being traded in is no more than 80% of the selling price of the new home you want to purchase. You will need to complete a Part Exchange application form to ensure you and your existing property are eligible.
  • The value of your current home shouldn’t be more than 80% of the selling price of the one you want to buy.
  • With the Part Exchange scheme, we can be your guaranteed buyer to help you sell your home quickly. However, you won’t receive any profit if your home sells for more than its market value.

    With the Part Exchange Guarantee scheme, you’ll receive all the profit, except for our costs.

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