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5 Ways to organise yourself for moving house

Nov 14, 2017
5 Ways to organise yourself for moving house
If you’re moving house, it’s well worth having a thorough clear out before the big day. By organising your belongings and getting rid of anything you don’t need, it’ll be much easier to pack, unpack, and get your new home in order as quickly as possible.
So how should you go about clearing out before moving? We explore the most efficient and hassle-free ways to get the job done.

1. Create a dedicated ‘organising’ space

First, it’s important to create some space in your home to do some sorting. If you’ve already cleared out one of your rooms, use it as your ‘organising’ area where you can separate your belongings into separate piles as you clear out. Not only will it be easier to see what you do and don’t have, but it will keep any mess away from your living area.

2. Sort your belongings category by category

Next, try to avoid diving head-first into the clearing out process. While it’s tempting to get stuck in, you’ll soon be surrounded by mess which will inevitably be overwhelming and discouraging. Instead, make sure you take a methodical approach, tackling items category by category. Start with the belongings that are easiest to discard, such as clothes, shoes, books and CDs, before moving onto more sentimental items such as ornaments and keepsakes. Go through item by item, and be honest about whether you really need it.We’re all guilty of holding on to belongings that we don’t need or want any more, and now is a great time to part ways.

3. Decide what to do with the ‘discard’ pile

While some of your belongings will go down a storm at a car boot sale, others will only be good for the tip, so make sure you’re honest about which items have had their day and which still have life left in them. If it’s not car boot season or you’d prefer to ‘give something back’, take good quality items to a local charity shop or refuge where they’ll be sold or reused, or ask friends and family if they’re on the lookout for any items in particular.

4. Don’t forget to organise your ‘keep’ pile

When you’re in the midst of a big sort-out, it’s all too easy to neglect your ‘keep’ pile. But, if you’re not methodical as you go along, your organised chaos will soon enough become straightforward mess. Just as you’re deciding what to do with your unwanted items, make a choice about where your ‘keep’ items will live in the new house. Sort them into piles and then transfer into boxes, so you’re all ready for the big move. And whatever you do, don’t forget the labels!

5. Ask for help

If you’re struggling to be ruthless with the clearing out process, it’s worth finding someone who will encourage decision-making without being overly sentimental. Whether that’s your partner, a friend or a sibling, having someone who will share the burden can really lift the stress from your shoulders - and maybe even turn the clear-out into a fun experience.