7 statement wall ideas for the master bedroom

Sep 11, 2018
Statement Wall Ideas for the Master Bedroom

When it comes to your master bedroom, you’ll want to put your own stamp on it as soon as possible. The feature wall you choose has a big part to play in the room’s overall look, a statement wall is an effective way to quickly add some character to your new bedroom and we have some statement wall ideas to inspire you.

1. Floral

Floral wallpaper is extremely popular and there is nothing stopping you from choosing a bold, floral wallpaper for your feature wall. Why not choose red or purple flowers to brighten up your bedroom? You can use the main colour as an accent shade elsewhere in the bedroom but don’t try to have everything the same colour or it’ll be overpowering. White linen might show it off the best.

2. Pinstripes

To create a master bedroom worthy of a luxury hotel, a pinstripe wallpaper feature wall could be the answer. Grey or silver stripes can look classy, but make sure your room doesn’t feel cold by adding a splash of colour in your accessories. A pinstriped statement wall will also make your ceiling seem taller. If you have a large room, try to opt for larger stripes as thin stripes can make a room seem too cluttered.

3. Silk

Rather than wallpapering or painting your feature wall, you could install some silk panels instead to give your bedroom the wow factor. You could mount the silk in frames, hang it from the ceiling or install it on padded foam boards. In using silk panels, you can be as brave as you like in your colour choices, as should you decide to change your statement wall in the future, it can easily be switched.

4. Costal

You don’t need to go away on holiday to enjoy the beach vibe. Why not create your own coastal oasis? White and blue bedrooms can be clean and welcoming. A statement wall created with a driftwood themed wallpaper can be a real talking point. Think about your accessories, a beach hut print could look great on your wall and you could add shells to a vase on your bedside table. A few framed photographs from family holidays might be a nice touch.

5. Geometric

For a modern and contemporary bedroom, choose a wallpaper with a geometric pattern and copper detailing for your feature wall. It’ll certainly draw the eye, just make sure the rest of your walls are painted a muted shade or your room will be too busy. A round mirror and copper pendant lights could be great additions to your master bedroom, helping you create something truly special.

6. Monochrome

If you want to have bold and daring accessories in bright orange or lime green, choosing a monochrome wallpaper for your feature wall can be a smart move. In having a neutral statement wall, you’ll be able to transform the whole look of your room in seconds, without needing to redecorate.

7. Objects and animals

Are you passionate about reading? Are you dog-mad? Perhaps you’ve always loved butterflies? There’s nothing stopping you from choosing a wallpaper that embraces your passion. Wallpaper with objects or animals (such as books, dogs etc.) mightn’t be for everyone but your bedroom is your space, so why not have a statement wall that puts a smile on your face every time you see it? You could also consider creating your own piece of artwork or framing postcards or photos that mean a lot to you for your walls. Having your own mini-art gallery can be lots of fun.
There you have it, seven ways you can create a statement wall in your master bedroom. We would recommend that you trial whichever look you decide you go for, by hanging a large piece of your chosen wallpaper in situ for a few days. That way, you can be sure that the print/design is the right size for your room, the colours work and you’re 100% happy before you get the whole wall decorated.