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Decluttering your home this new year

Jan 03, 2020
Decluttering your home this new year

A new year means a fresh start - and your home is the perfect place to begin. Celebrations over the festive season often lead to clutter and mess around the home, especially while you're still trying to find somewhere to store all your presents. Following our decluttering tips will ensure your home returns to being your ideal space in no time at all.

Barratt Homes decluttering your home

Give away unwanted items

Trends change and technology moves on, so unused items often build up and become clutter. To quickly come to a decision on what you should give away, you can ask yourself "when did I last use this?" and "when will I use it again?" If you haven't the need for the item anymore, check if it can be recycled or donate it to charity. Although you may no longer need that item, it can easily be reused by someone else.

Alternatively, try taking organisation consultant and Netflix star Marie Kondo's approach of 'Does it spark joy?'. A method where you question if an item makes you feel happy when you hold it. If it doesn't, she suggests it's time to give it away or recycle it. A clear-out is a great first step to decluttering the home.

Rearrange your storage space

Barratt Homes living room

A home can sometimes look cluttered when miscellaneous items, such as board games or unnecessary utensils are on show. Investing in extra storage space for these items, or rearranging the current storage you have to make extra room is another great step in decluttering your home.

Storage doesn't have to be an eye sore. Many units are designed to blend in and be subtle, such as the Malm range from Ikea. Similarly, you could invest in a stand-out piece of furniture to inject some new excitement to the interior design of your home.

If you don't have enough items to fill storage units, placing small wicker baskets around the home is a good alternative.

A fresh lick of paint

Barratt Homes master bedroom

When decluttering the home, you might want to consider giving the walls a fresh lick of paint. If you have particularly bold colours or busy patterned wallpaper, this can add to a home feeling crowded. Opting for neutral tones and plain walls can open up a room and make it feel spacious.

If you still want to have elements of colour in the room, cushions and accessories can help you achieve this.

Set a daily routine for decluttering the home

Cleaning and tidying is a big part of ensuring your home doesn't get cluttered. But with the demands of everyday life, it can be easy to let it slip. Setting a new routine which is manageable for you can help you stay on track. Try sticking to one room a day, and setting a timer for around half-hour. This way, it shouldn't feel like a mammoth task every day.

For some great cleaning tips and inspiration, follow Mrs Hinch on Instagram. Her humorous attitude towards cleaning is sure to make you want to pick up a cloth.

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