The best secondary schools in Sheffield

Oct 26, 2021
The best secondary schools in Sheffield

From the inventor of stainless-steel Harry Brearley to famous engineer Sir John Fowler and the first Briton in space Helen Sharman, Sheffield is the birthplace of countless sharp minds. The keen intellects of the future are in good hands in this part of Yorkshire, as we take a closer look at some of the best secondary schools in Sheffield.

King Ecgbert School

Located in the Dore area to the south-west of the city centre, King Ecgbert School is rated as outstanding by Ofsted. The school boasts an excellent record in terms of the progress its pupils make and caters for boys and girls aged up to 18. With around 1,350 students in total, King Ecgbert is regularly ranked among the very best secondary schools Sheffield has to offer by local league tables.

Silverdale School

Just a couple of miles north of Dore, Silverdale School is another outstanding coeducational with academy status. Also rated highly by annual league tables based on exam results, the Sunday Times named it the decade’s top state school in the North of England in 2020. Silverdale is also home to the Verve Academy of Performing Arts, which could be very appealing if your kids are interested in pursuing some exciting extra-curricular activities.

Tapton School

Around two miles west of the city centre in the Crosspool suburb, Tapton School is also an outstanding secondary where girls and boys can study up to the age of 18. Approximately 1,650 pupils attend the school, which is right next door to the historic Tapton Hall. As one of the most successful state schools in Sheffield, the famous Tapton Youth Brass Band provides the potential for further experiences outside the classroom.

Handsworth Grange School

Over on the other side of the city less than a mile from Woodhouse train station, Handsworth Grange is a specialist sports college that has just over 1,000 pupils. Having won awards for its progress made with disadvantaged children in the past, the school focuses on inclusion and instilling belief while promoting individual progress and achievement. It also performs well with respect to local league tables.

Notre Dame High School

Finally on our list of Sheffield’s best secondary schools is this Catholic school, which like all of the others above, is outstanding according to Ofsted. On the north-west outskirts of the city, Notre Dame traces its roots all the way back to 1855. Another coeducational institution with a strong reputation, the ethos is based around showing a loving attitude to everyone at the school. Whether you live close to the city centre, in a suburb such as Stannington or to the south of town on the way to Chesterfield, Sheffield is a great place to live if you have children.