Broadband connectivity on our sites

We understand some of our customers have been experiencing delays in their broadband/telephone services being connected recently. Unfortunately these issues are beyond our control and we are totally dependent upon the Fibre network provider to connect your telephone line to deliver your phone connection and broadband via the service provider you have chosen. Whilst we will do all we can to assist, we cannot guarantee when this will happen or take responsibility for any delays on the part of the network provider or for any broadband provider.

What are we doing to help?

To help our customers who are experiencing delays, we are liaising with the network provider at the highest level, and pressing them for timely connection of service to those specific sites that are affected and we are also in discussions with them at a national level too.

If you have been affected, in the first instance you should contact your telephone/broadband service provider. If you wish to get in touch with us, please contact the customer service team. We will log your concerns, but please be aware though that we are reliant on the network provider to confirm timescales for connection.


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