All about your management company

Management companies or factor (in Scotland) help to enhance your development by managing certain parts of your development, which can include apartments, footpaths, public open spaces, roads and street lighting.

When will my development be handed over to the management company or factor?

Your development will be fully handed over once construction works are complete. In some cases, such as larger developments, this may be done in phases.

What does my yearly service charge cover?

The services provided will differ between developments. Details of the charge and the services provided will have been discussed with you during your purchase.

Once you have completed, your management company or factor will be in touch to let you know the services they provide along with a breakdown of costs.

How do I contact my management company/factor?

  • Contact details can be found in your handover pack.
  • If you live in an apartment, they may also be displayed in the communal areas.
  • Your management company/factor will also contact you directly once you have legally completed. 


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