All about your bathroom en suite and utility extractor fans

Extractor fans don’t only remove smells, they are also an essential part of removing excess moisture from your home.

Bathroom extractor fans

It is important to use bathroom extractor fans whenever you take a bath or shower in order to avoid future problems from damp and mould. We cannot accept responsibility for any damage caused by damp where extractor fans have not been used properly.

In bathrooms without a window, you will find that the fan continues to run even after being turned off. This is because it is fitted with a timer to ensure that steam and humid air continues to be extracted after you have left the room.

Bathroom extractor fan

If your extractor fan isn’t working:

  • Check the isolator switch is on. This switch will normally be on the outside of the room above the doorframe.
  • Make sure the light is working, as this will often be linked to the activation of the fan.
  • If the fan still isn’t working, contact your New Home Customer Care team.

Why is my bathroom extractor fan leaking water?

  • The main cause of water leaking from the extractor fan is condensation. To avoid this, ensure the extractor fan is left on when the room is in use.
  • If your extractor fan is ceiling mounted, check that the ducting (the flexible pipe connecting the fan to the outside of your home) in the loft space has not been crushed or obstructed.
  • If the above has been checked and you continue to experience issues please contact your local New Home Customer Care team.

How do I maintain and clean my bathroom extractor fan?

  • Regular vacuuming and wiping with a damp cloth will ensure your extractor fan remains efficient.

Utitlity room fan

The fan in your utility room works in a very similar way to your bathroom fan. It’s designed to keep the room fresh and help prevent it from becoming too humid. For any issues with this appliance, refer to the bathroom extractor fan guide above.


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