All about your TV aerial media plate and satellite dishes

You need to make sure your TV is connected to catch up on your favourite soap or drama, so here is some helpful information to help troubleshoot any issues you might have.


We don’t fit TV aerials as standard, simply because many homebuyers prefer cable or satellite television. We do, however, install the necessary wiring, from an aerial socket in your living room to the loft space. Other rooms may also have an aerial point depending on the specification of the home.

Digital TV point

How to fit an aerial

  • An aerial can often be fitted within the loft space itself.
  • The aerial cables will terminate in one location within the loft space, normally close to the loft entrance hatch.
  • We recommend you employ a qualified tradesman or aerial specialist to fit and connect an aerial.

Why is my bedroom aerial point not working?

  • If you do have an aerial fitted, ensure your installer has connected all aerial points.
  • Apartments will normally have a communal aerial or satellite dish fitted. Check the media point is connected correctly by ensuring the cable connection is in place.
  • If all the points above are correct and your TV still isn’t working, please contact your local New Home Customer Care team.

Satellite dishes

Before fitting a satellite dish to your home you’ll need to contact us for permission. Often dishes can only be fitted to the rear of a property.


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