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Other types of heating

You may have other types of heating in your home apart from your central heating. Here’s a guide to what else you might have.

Heated towel rails

These may be fitted in your ensuite bathroom and downstairs WC.

Rather than take heat from your boiler, these have an internal heating element and are wired directly into the mains electricity.

You may find a fused switch next to your towel rail, or alternatively the switch may be outside the bathroom.

Barratt homes are also often fitted with plumbed-in heated towel rails. You can identify these, as they will usually be fitted with a valve like a radiator and won’t have any wiring.

Towel rail

Plinth heater

This is a special type of electric heating designed to make your kitchen warm and welcoming without losing valuable wall space to a radiator.

The only visible part of the heaters are the metal grills set into the plinth beneath your kitchen units. Plinth heaters are controlled by an on/off switch next to the heater grill. 

Plinth heater
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